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Hi, As the title says I'm looking for someone to takeover my second dropshipping site because I lack of time. Dropshipping somtimes can be really time consuming and all the stores " work 1 hour a week and earn $5000 are pure bullshit. I have started with on 9 august this month and it's a geek fashion website with currently around 100 items. I use as a supllier Aliexpress and my profit margings are between 100% and 500% depending on the item price.

The signs were good for me because I had sales worth $71.18 and I netted $34.62 in profit. The marketing cost are really low because I used Instagram to get traffic. I don't really know if, but some of you might tried Instagram shooutouts and I developed an tactic to receive sponsored posts on pages with 100k followers or more for only like $5.

All the products I sold were DOTA 2 related items and I had sponsored posts on IG pages. The initial plan was to add categories on my website for every popular video game and tv series outsource Aliexpress for related merch and use IG shootouts as a main source to get traffic since since the costs were really low. My strategy is simple and works with like 30% of the people I have talked. There is potential for money to be made considering that there are hundreds of IG pages to promote youre products on the gaming and tv series merch.

The cost of running this store is $29.00 per month. It's build on shopify and I used an premium theme and I had an webdesigner hired to get the logo, banners and all the stuff needed. As extras you will get for me some valuable courses I bought from an marketing forum that will teach you how to get traffic from pinterest and how to grow your IG page with laser targetted people.

I have invested in this website the following: 150 hours wich is the most important thing for me, however I've learned a lot and I enjoyed the ride -$29 for shopify basic plan -$14 for domain registration wich will expire on 9 august 2018. -$62 for the premium theme I bought from envato -$55 for the webdesigner -$50 courses and IG promos.

I'm not looking to sell the site and make a profit, I'm just looking to get back what I have put in.

An short recap of what are you getting.

-Fully functional shopify dropshipping business with a customer base of 21 people,12 orders and total products sold worth $71.18. -All the social media acounts created and I'm currently at 121 laser targetted followers on IG and 11 likes on facebook. All the designs were made by a profesisional graphic designer. -Mailing list with 85 contacts in it ( I did not send yet any marketing e-mails but there are some sales to be made for sure. -InstaEngage course wich will help you to grow your IG page easly if you are able to put the effort and time. -Fourstepguide by Tony Roberts wich should learn you about how to get get traffic from Pinterest for free.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask and if there is nobody willining to take this I'm just going to close it by when my monthly shopify subscriptions expire.

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