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Adventure RV Solar


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General description

We are selling a 2 year old drop shipping store targeting a hobby/lifestyle niche with over $2k in gross revenue. This store comes with a beautifully custom designed Shopify store. You will also receive the Instagram account with nearly 1k followers and the Facebook page along with a Pinterest account with 171 followers. You will also receive an email list with niche targeted individuals. There is also a custom created niche related guide that is being used as the opt-in offer that will come with the site.

What’s Included - We have over 80+ items in our store. - This niche market has a lot of potential for growth. - Beautiful custom designed Shopify store - Original Custom Designed logo - Niche related blog on-site with relevant keyword related posts - Custom contact us page with professional video introduction - Keyword research report for SEO & Adwords Custom detailed guide on what direction to take to niche sideways or to cross-sell based on our research in order to transform this store into a megastore - 7 approved suppliers ready to ship - Core products have reviews in order to create trust with customers - Price ranges from $50 to $3000+. - Products available from the suppliers range from $50 to $50k - Massive opportunity for niching up or niching sideways - Excellent opportunity to create a megastore - take it as far as you want it - Great potential for B2B sales or negotiating government deals for lucrative paydays - - All products categorized and tagged. - All products synced with Google shopping feed. - Many avenues that this niche can be developed. - B2C or expand into other related fields in order to cross-sell. - There are 1,000's of possible products that are available from the current suppliers to be added onto the site. - These could be divided by cross niches or you can focus on the direction that you see fit. - There are well over 50 brands from all of the suppliers that we have on board that can be marketed to your customers.

Strengths - Lots of room for growth! - Core products are $1k-$3k - Beautiful and attractive site design - Dedicated customers who are passionate about this hobby/lifestyle niche - Customer base is upper middle class earning an average of 80k/yr with disposable income

We market to the USA which has a great potential for this outdoor/lifestyle/hobby niche. If you decide to focus on the B2B side of it then with the right approach you could dominate this industry. There are so many ways that you can go with this. You could build three or four additional stores that each focus on different aspects of this niche and then cross-sell on all of them. Or you could build Adventure RV Solar into a megastore that would cover every aspect of this niche for customer and business clients. If you have the right VA's, resources and know-how then this is absolutely feasible.

The vast majority of competition in this niche have outdated antiquated sites which are difficult to navigate and not attractive. The site already has great design and this could be built on or expanded with your expertise.

Room for Improvement

With the right AdWords skills and marketing know-how this store could perform well.

If the store were to niche up or expand to other related areas it could mean a massive growth opportunity.

Excellent products ranging in the 10s of thousands that if marketed properly could provide great return. We haven't even explored what is possible with some of the mega high end products ranging upwards of 60k, 70k and even over 100k EACH which could be marketed to businesses, governments, etc. If you have experience with B2B then this will be right in your comfort zone.

The site needs someone with the knowledge of ecommerce/marketing and the resources to take it to the next level.

If you are someone who is not afraid to see what this site could become with the right amount of time, marketing skill and vision then the sky is the limit.

If you want to build an empire of niche stores and add this one into your portfolio it could pay off handsomely. Like I mentioned you could divide this niche up into a network of four or five related sites to cross sell or build a mega store and then after successive growth month after month you could sell the mega store or the collection of stores to an interested buyer for a massive payday if done right!


The advertising has been using google ad words and Bing. We've run different campaigns but due to a lack of skill in AdWords we haven't been able to maximize the niches full potential. For the right person this could be a great opportunity to target customers ready to buy and to develop lasting business relationships with repeat customers over time. We have not spent a lot on advertising in general and in the past few months have only been advertising on the weekends with low daily limits for our budget. The site advertising has also been paused for the last couple months.


Shopify store & apps $53/month

Why am I selling it?

We've put in the hard work of designing the site to look great, building key supplier relationships, and growing social media accounts already. At this point we are realizing that to have this site be where we want it to be we would need to dedicate much more time increasing our knowledge of AdWords and likely niching up or niching sideways in order to increase our exposure and truly capitalize on the full potential of this niche. This would require more time and resources than we are in a position to provide. We would also like to focus on another project that we have recently started. If you are someone that is confident in your ability to manage ecommerce drop shipping stores and you are skilled with AdWords and marketing then this could be a great opportunity for you to take the ball and run with it.

What’s included in the sale

  • Physical inventory
  • Logo and branding assets
  • Social media accounts
  • Personal support after sale
  • Domain
  • Product photos



77 products



Product Reviews


Privy - Free email popups with exit intent




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$1,499 USD

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