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General description

Start working smarter instead of harder! Take advantage of an industry that will never die out! Get the chance to own a well established lingerie business with great potential & passive income!

Welcome to all and remember, if opportunities don't knock, build a door!


  • Purchasing and buying this store will not guarantee you overnight success.

  • We're in this business to see others succeed and our stores provide this exact opportunity. With that being said, please bare in mind that our stores sold are actual businesses with great potential and just as any businesses actual work is necessary. However, unlike other businesses, this store requires minimal work.

Minimal Work?: Great question! Work a full-time job? Full-time parent or retired and looking to create more time for the golf course? No problem! We understand that our merchants are hard workers in the real world so we're not here to waste your time. To generate passive income from this business, we promise you'd only have to spend.......... 2 hours/week.

Let's put it in perspective! There's 10080 minutes in a week and this business would only require about 120 minutes from your arsenal of time.

  • To earn, one must spend. Why do i mention this? because to generate profit from this business, you will have to invest.

Shopify Hosting: $29/mo (Yes, this business is hosted on one of the best platforms out there. Did I mention this platform is used by Kylie Jenner herself?

Domain Hosting: $10-15/year

Why are you selling the business?

About 5 years ago, I was going through a tough financial period and as a result I desperately searched the internet to see if I could get a break. After about a week into searching, I discovered dropshipping. A business model that I could afford on my budget of $200 I had at the time. I'm not going to lie, the business model seemed too good to be true at first. However, after digging a little bit more, I started seeing some amazing success stories and ofcourse the cons of the model.


Zero startup cost. Customer pays you first before purchasing the product

Zero trips to the post office- The supplier blind ships the item to your customer leaving the customer thinking the item came from your store!

Zero liability. Returns are accepted by some suppliers. This was huge! It meant that the hassle of returns wouldn't fall on my back.


No control of inventory & no control of processing & shipping times.

Now, i'm sure you can see why I was a bit suspicious to use the model. The PROS completely outweighed the cons! After a few more weeks of searching, I was able to find some great reliable and US suppliers to work with and there was the birth of my dropshipping business. The business went on to generate more than $3500/mo in revenue after only 3-5 months of being in business.

That's why... After having gone through the process myself and knowing the ins and outs of the eCommerce world, I decided to make it my goal to find a way to share all that i learned and wanted to give everyone a chance at the opportunity that I had. After spending hours on a book that I never got to publish, i realized that the best way to do it is by building you guys a store myself and sharing my experiences. Best part of all? you guys won't have to waste the hours, weeks and months that I did on finding great suppliers to work with. Oh and if you wondering if you need coding skills... well let's just say I learned them but you won't have to.

Wait, so what do i get with this purchase?


Okay, maybe that's not enough. When you purchase a store from us, we will provide you with the following:

  • Unique, Valuable, Brandable domain name

  • Full ownership of the store that I personally built with all premium features shown

  • Secure HTTPS protocols provided by Shopify.

  • All website images & bonus images

  • Full guides on how to market & launch your store.

uhm, is this bs? NOPE and I don't blame you for asking.

What have you done to the store before selling?

Sure, great question!

  • 1000 Site PR 9+ LlNKs
    • Unique backlinks
    • Fast indexing
    • Increasing of backlinks mass
    • Raising of positions of keywords with low competitiveness

What this all means, PR (Page Rank) in search engines will increase & more traffic will flow in.

Okayyyy this description is getting wayyy to long! If you have any questions, please and please just reach out.

Best of luck to the new owner!

What’s included in the sale

  • Physical inventory
  • Logo and branding assets
  • Social media accounts
  • Personal support after sale
  • Domain
  • Product photos



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$99 USD

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