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Vince M.

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Affordable Cycling & Sports – High quality cycling and sports gear

I paused/closed the store back in June. I have no time for it because of school (coding bootcamp I am attending).

It works with Oberlo/AliExpress. Answers to common inquiries are noted below:

Question: Do you have physical inventory, or is this a dropshipping store?

Answer: It's 100% dropshipping.

Question: Do you have a brick & mortar store? If you have a brick & mortar store, how much of your Shopify revenue is from the brick & mortar and how much is from the online portion?

Answer: No, there is no brick & mortar store, and it's never had any sort of physical inventory whatsoever.

Question: Just to verified and confirm is the website domain and social media accounts part of the sale?

Answer: Yes, the domain is yours and you can change it to whatever, when it's all transferred. The other social media accounts will be yours too, except for Facebook, you'll have to start your own Facebook page.

Question: How much is paid advertising & SEO and how much is organic?

Answer: I've never done much SEO. I tried paying SEO to some people on Fiverr but they didn't do much. It probably needs a real SEO expert outside of Fiverr or any of these places. I didn't have much luck with Facebook, so most of the advertising was done through Google AdWords campaigns and a little bit of social media (not much). I've never done Instagram Influencers as well but that may be a good way to do it as well.

Question: Do you offer any personal support after the sale for the transition?

Answer: Sure, I'll help as much as I can until late September/early October when I start classes again. I'm on vacation until then.

Question: You mentioned that you are dropshipping. Is your vendor out of China or something similar?

Answer: Yes, all of the vendors are out of China, as it is all done through AliExpress.

Question: Would the vendor contracts be part of the transfer of ownership with the business?

Answer: There aren't any contracts with vendors. You can list as many or as little products you'd like with as many different vendors with high-quality ratings from AliExpress. This is all strictly done with AliExpress and not their parent platform Alibaba.

Question: What country are your most of your customers from? If the United States isn’t your #1 market, what ranking is it?

Answer: My ad campaigns pretty much targeted Australia, the USA and Great Britain, countries where the sport of cycling are most prevalent. The thing with cycling is that it sells the best during summer time in those countries. I started the store in October of last year so I haven't got the chance to sell during the summer here in the states as I've been completely immersed in my studies and regular job. Having said that, the store did really well in Australia during their summer months (our winter here in the northern hemisphere). And that's on top of the increased Christmas/holiday orders I received from November, December (best month), January, and even through February.

Question: What is your profit margin? And what are you clearing each month?

Answer: The profit margin depends on the products but for my best-sellers like eyewear/sunglasses, I listed them at least twice the COGS from AliExpress, and then I also had to deduct the costs of advertising with AdWords, but it was around 25% or so profit after all of that. I could probably have listed the prices higher and maybe sold them for more but obviously there was some sort of "sweet spot" as far as pricing goes where people would be willing to spend on particular items. There was a lot of trial and error and learning, but I've been way too preoccupied with other obligations to really put more effort into this. I will probably do this again in the future when time permits, as I know the business model does work.

Question: What is your monthly fixed costs? Other fixed costs?

Answer: I can attach a PDF file of the Shopify detailed earnings dashboard upon request. I made it a couple of months ago when I had initially planned to list the store for sale. It's attached to this e-mail. It's a general overview, and factors like monthly Shopify subscription costs ($45) aren't included.

Question: How is fulfillment done? Is it automatic or do you contact your vendor?

Answer: Fulfillment can be done several ways but I usually used two different methods: through Shopify or with Oberlo. Both platforms as well as AliExpress are integrated to where tasks like listing products, purchasing products, follow-up e-mails, tracking number notifications, etc. are easy.

If interested, let me know. It's $1,400.00 or best offer. I'll close the store down if it doesn't sell.

Thank you, Vince


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$7,938.00 USD


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19,480 Sessions

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