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General description

I ran the store for a little over a month and made 140 sales. Most of the sales were free + shipping offers.

The unicorn niche is just genius. The products have amazing visual appeal, and millions of passionate fans on Facebook that are easy to target. They want to show the world that they not only LOVE unicorns but also ARE unicorn, as strange as that may sound for some.

I'm pretty sure we had the best free+shipping offer in this entire niche.

It was profitable until I had technical trouble with the Paypal button. When people couldn't buy through paypal the sales went a little down, about 20-30%.

In the middle of frustration of trying to fix it, I realized dropshipping is not my thing. I'm running a Youtube comedy channel with 240,000 subscribers, and I feared that the channel would die if I kept putting this much focus on dropshipping. Maybe it's just the fear of success kicking in. Anyway, I'm not techie, and I don't want to sell stuff I don't have personal interest in. So I stopped running ads three months ago and changed focus to rather create a business out of my comedy channel.

I think the business was close to be truly profitable, and the niche is big enough for large scaling. I talked to an ecom expert (Marco from the Youtube channel "The eCom Project") about a week before I stopped. He believed in the store. We chatted for an hour on Facebook and I can send you the tips he gave me to make the store a winner. I was ready to implement the tips, and when I started I realized that Dropshipping will be a good moneymaker, but I knew it would take too much energy from my Youtube career.

Financials and traffic

Total revenue for last 6 months

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Q & A

Why should someone buy this store?

I'm answering why someone should by this store, but the question is really WHO should buy. If you're an experienced dropshipper and you know how to improve this business, this can become a really successful business. The unicorn market is big, and it's massively passionate. The Facebook ads can look beautiful. It's all about colors, and people click. My most successful offer was a free+shipping offer that ı'll give you the ads for. I'll also share/give the Facebook pixel if there's a way to do that (i have never sold a store before). If you know how to do retargeting ads, know how to treat an email list and do upsells on free+shipping, you'll be profitable very soon. I honestly am sad to sell it, and I know I could have made it profitable and successful, but I still know that dropshipping is not my thing, so if you think you can take this boat further than I'm glad to sell it to you.

How can the future owner improve the business?

There are ways to make the site convert better, and if you're experienced you can probably tell. I just used my email list twice, for instance. I gave up on making a whole email marketing system, which would probably make it profitable. If you make Paypal work, and some smart tweaks on the website, the ROI should raise. When Paypal was working I was profitable on my Free+Shipping offer. But after the button disappeared and I didn't have the tech patience to fix it (there's probably a solution for it), I spent about $10 per $7. I had a highly successful ecom (from the Youtube channel The eCom Project) guy look at my site, and the action steps he gave me was (in his own words):

"Good upsells, segmented remarketing (based on view content, add to carts etc.), regular promo and content emails, regular new product introductions and you should see some good results"... "For now I would stick to the niche, yes. So far there isn't a reason this couldn't be (more) profitable and its a good way to learn the stuff. So after you changed the things we talked about (apps, structure, chat etc.)"

Something I saw other successful unicorn shops do that I didn't do, was to create Facebook fan pages called f.ex "I Love Unicorns" or "I'm a Unicorn" and just post lots of unicorn memes on the site until it takes of to the tens of thousands and 100,000+. This is a pretty straight-forward approach, but you need to be consistent on posting photos. I would recommend outsourcing this task and take care of your fan page for $5-10 per day. This could be a really profitable decision. One tip is to go to other unicorn facebook fan pages and see what products they post that gets the highest engagement. These are the products I test with facebook ads. On some posts people are commenting "just bought it!!". Then you know for sure that they're getting sales.

The followers I got was just from Facebook ads, and I will share my ad account with you.

What work have you put into the store?

I set the whole store up, and Facebook page which I drove traffic to via Facebook ads. All work I've done with the website and Facebook ads marketing is in the excess of 250 hours.

Note: if the link to the fan page does not work on this page, try https://www.facebook.com/Always-Unicorn-1877236509160099.

$940 USD

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