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General description

NO INVENTORY, NO SHIPPING! [REDACTED] uses integrated print-on-demand fulfillment through [REDACTED] together with public domain art from museums, to stock the store with a virtually unlimited number of truly unique products — from apparel to posters —in a no-inventory, drop-ship Shopify store.

Basically, all you have to do to run the store is to place orders with Printful when customer orders come in through your Shopify store.

Shopify and Printful have an easy-to-use integrated interface. Printful is a high-quality company; their website is free to use.

The total monthly Shopify cost of the store is $49 — $29 for the Shopify store, and $20 for a Shopify upgrade to allow "live calculated" shipping, which gives the customer the most affordable rates and the most shipping options.

UNIQUE HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS We have received enthusiastic feedback from customers about the originality and high quality of our products, the vividness of colors, the crisp detail, the soft appealing comfort of fabrics.

We have chosen to offer the particular collections of products that we do specifically because these can be counted on to consistently produce excellent results. (Some print-on-demand products produce creases or white areas on clothing, which Anomaly Panoply does not find acceptable. Our apparel products use only the "cut and sew" technology, in which the entire fabric is sublimation-printed with the artwork, so that the design becomes part of the fabric, and then the pattern is cut out and the item is sewn.)

Products are priced at a 60% markup over wholesale. We have never offered products "on sale." It's our belief that our products are fairly priced and need no discounting.

The store currently has an inventory of 235 products across 9 categories: Leggings (full-length, capri, and kids), yoga pants, crop tops, tank tops, mini skirts, pencil skirts, dresses, rectangular and square pillows, tote bags, 15-oz. mugs, and framed and unframed posters in a variety of sizes. These product designs are unique to the store.

SITE CONTENT Almost all of our products have lengthy and interesting, deeply researched and professionally written product descriptions, and are SEO-optimized. A number of our pages have been indexed by google. The content sets the tone of a high-quality but accessible store, knowledgeable about art. Our copy is slightly irrelevant at times, a wee bit edgy, as are some of our products.

All the graphics on the site are high-quality. The entire site has been created to professional standards. You won't find typos or other errors. Products are linked for cross-promotion. The site has a blog, with 8 well-developed posts. Anomaly Panoply has a Facebook page and Twitter and Pinterest accounts.

PRODUCT CREATION & SALES At Anomaly Panoply, we have created all our products using classic public domain art, together with product templates provided by [REDACTED] Increasingly, museums worldwide are making their public domain collections available for public use. In February 2017, for instance, the Metropolitan Museum of Art released the images of the 375,000 public-domain artworks in its collection for unrestricted use.

We created our products by choosing public domain art that works wonderfully when combined with various product types — what looks great on a dress, what looks amazing on a mug or tote bag? — and we "laid out" the print files and uploaded them to Printful so Printful can create the actual products when we receive an order from a customer.

The store already has over 200 unique products, but you can pretty easily create an unlimited number of products for the store. This gives you huge power to be responsive and pro-active with your product line. For instance, if you want to promote Xmas products, you can "make" some — find public domain Xmas art motifs and use them to create print files and mock-ups for square pillows, rectangular pillows, posters, mugs, leggings, tote bags, etc. etc.

For the store's current products, we created the print files (we used Photoshop), and uploaded them to Printful, where we quite easily generated good mockup files, showing what the product will look like.

The new product automatically gets tied to the Shopify store. When a customer places an order for the product, we tell Shopify what was ordered (can be done automatically), and Shopify creates the product and ships it to the customer. We pay Shopify the wholesale cost plus shipping when we pass the order to them.

If you use Shopify payments, you'll receive the customer's payment about 3 days after the order is placed. If you use a Paypal business account instead, the transfer tends to be more or less instantaneous. So, the longest you ever have to advance any money during the sales process is 3 days.

MARKETING "Anomaly Panoply" is a memorable name that people seem to enjoy; it means an unexpected and impressive collection of things. A unique name is not so easy to find these days!

The store has a lot of potential for growth, especially if the owner is willing to do some blogging and promote the store to media. The very first week I opened the store, I got accepted for a link in Huffington Post's "Weird Mother's Day" article! Unfortunately, they didn't publish the article until 2 business days before Mother's Day. Since our products are custom-made, that wasn't enough time, so instead of enjoying a ton of sales, I had to tell hundreds of interested people they couldn't get the octopus dress by Mother's Day. But the potential is there to become huge in the blink of an eye with the right media attention! Our products are truly noteworthy and unique.

WHY IS THE STORE FOR SALE? I learned about Shopify stores by creating one for a client (I'm a website developer). I found it so much fun that I wanted to make one of my own. But I'm living, semi-retired, in Guatemala, 5000 feet up in a caldera. The country doesn't even have a postal service. So that's how the idea of the no-inventory, no shipping store came about.

I spent a couple of hard months putting the store together. I had to figure out about a million things to make it happen, but the result is a store that pretty much runs itself.

Even though running this store is fun and I love the products and want to continue offering them to the world, I'm disabled, and I find computer use difficult and need to minimize it, so I'm offering the store for sale in hopes someone can "take it and run with it", to maximize potential.

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Q & A

Why should someone buy this store?

Beautiful, sophisticated, unique products that deserve to find their way into people's homes and lives! Fun to see how thrilled people are when they find things they love.

How can the future owner improve the business?

Do more marketing! More social media. More blogging. Get some media attention.

What work have you put into the store?

I created over 200 beautiful unique products. I set up an interface with Printful. I made the Shopify store beautiful and professional. I wrote promotional copy for the products that is far above the average. I created a Facebook page and paid attention to SEO.

$2,780 USD

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