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SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH I'M FRENCH The statistics show by shopify are wrong(Source: shopify exchange help center) because I use an app that modifies the checkout (ultimate special offer) and it is not trackable but I show all my results via skype videos to all potential buyers (my amounts pay to Facebook, my backend, my stats shopify etc ...) no sensitive marketing information to not harm the one who will buy it and that other people have seen the products winner that he will be able to test. ⚠️⚠️

Hello, I am selling one of my dropshipping sites with high potential. It was created November 8, 2017, but I did not start marketing seriously until January 1st. I sell it because I have others to manage and I have other projects ... Need more time he is in the niche of babies on the FR market but you could easily switch it to US or expand. I sell it in full growth. It is well referenced on search engines (even arrives 1st on some specific keywords).

I made hundreds of splits test which explains a fairly low profitability of 15%, but all was reinvested to test advertising strategies pay product descriptions, split test result to which you will have access.

✅ The big + of this shop: Honestly the shop is like all the very good shopify sites that you can find trust badge, check out optimize, sequence mailchimp (see below), a design think about the customer to aim etc ...


The difference is I give you 100% of my files that will help you a lot:

✅ Excel list of your biggest competitors and their best product

✅ Facebook interest list interesting not yet test

✅ Excel list of influencer with whom I am in discussion and their statistics

 ✅ ALL the results of my splits test in the ad account as well as other files that describe my tests you would not have to redo them you directly have the results of several tens of thousands of euros of split testing.

✅ comprehensive testing strategy already implemented on the ad account in a campaign called "BASE" it is enough to duplicate it and modify the adcopy they are the BEST interests that I selected I am profitable or break event on almost all products with its adsets.

✅ list of winner not tested set aside

✅ product file (description + adcopy + video) already written ok for getting published

✅ code list for different optimization of the shop (code to add a discount image 5% at check out, trust badge + timer etc ...)

✅ Code and file growth technique hacking Facebook (code add friends automatically and other cool things), write by myself for my tests (by the way the page have a group that has not had time to be exploited )

✅ image folder for social networks already preselect + I give you a free tool to automate posts on instagram and Facebook

✅ file with all my products to test with their Filmora project if you want to modify them (more than 20 product)

✅ All my customer support emails pre-write it manages all the possible situations you just have to copy and paste

✅ The BIG + of my shop: A file accounting from day to day since January 1st, it is undoubtedly the tool that serves me the most I automate it at 99% . you have to export your orders of the day you copy them in the excel file and you add advertise cost + product cost and it gives you the result of the day as well as many statistics that allow you to better manage your testings and find out what works best to optimize thereafter.

✅ The numbers: - Total turnover: 44 K € including 41k the last 3 months (I did a lot of work on the backend etc ... before scaling my ads)

  • Daily turnover: Between 500 and 1k (except some bad day or I cut around noon and suddenly it is rather 300-500 only thanks to the back-end).

  • ads FB every day: 200-300 € (my product costs are very low so in a bad day I'm going to 300 € of ads for 600 € of sell, but only 80euros cost product so its interesting rest).

  • Average daily income: € 200 because everything is automated and the winners I leave running are exhausting, I have a list of products to test that is provided that I did not have time to test myself.

✅ Possibilities of evolution: - List of 3300 emails optimize (I send 1 to 2 emails a week coup those who remained in the list are loyal customers who like to see my emails).

  • winners set aside in a file that I provide you (not yet done either)

  • Retargetting Google ad words (via Azameo in automatic which turns to 5-10 of ROAS, but which you can improve by increasing the budget)

  • Other social networks to exploit

✅Config: - Booster theme

  • SEO never changed but I have a lot of sales via google (they are all over 50 €) I guess the traffic qualify make Google reference site better

  • Upsell set up with ultimate special offer but much remains to be done including bold offers and upsell post purchase

  • Recart set to 100% pre check, 3 messenger abandoned cart and 3 emails too. I put the button recart pre checked all down by modifying the code so that it does not break the product page by being under the button ATC (I put it back in its place if you want)

  • Flow 10 emails mailchimp set up (welcome, upsell, article, product presentation, promo on this product, customer satisfaction analysis etc ...) + 3 abandoned cart and 1 email retargeting related to wheelio

✅ Facebook page of 1700 fans, Instagram 1000 subscribers (nothing special put in place to increase my number of subscribers, bot messenger set up,

✅MY DEVELOPER SERVICES FOR FREE I am also a web developer (could give you my website by email) I would bring my support if the buyer wants to modify elements in the code I already do a lot of optimization either at the level of the speed or well by adding a larger ATC button and duplicating it. (no edit theme provided if needed)

✅The buyer of the site will have all my help to set up the site for 3 months we will Skype.

✅Access to more than 1000 € of e-commerce software (I do not give you my logins, but I can do the research for you). I pay for a total of more than 1000euros e-commerce application every month with my associate I could do research for the buyer if he wants it to see the statistics of a shop, see advertisements of competitor etc ...

To conclude more than only a shop that optimizes and sells it is also a technical assistance with my skills as a developer and a gold mine with all the files used in the design of the shop + my statistical analysis file that I propose to you.

💲Sales price: negociable make me your offer by email i will choose the best.

Serious offers please I'm not in any hurry to sell it anyway given its profitability in automatic.

Good Courage in your Business!

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  • Social media accounts
  • Personal support after sale
  • Domain
  • Product photos

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