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General description

BBO Clothing was founded based on the idea that everyone is a Boss, in whichever way possible, and should thus dress like one. BBO stands for Boss Boys Only, and Boss Babes Only, and these two names have been extremely popular in the target clientele (youth aged 13-24) because they started to identify themselves a BBO. This business started on New Year’s Eve 2017, and has since then developed into a beautiful movement all the while being a successful and popular new emerged brand. Not only did we sell out our stock at a drop sale before the actual launch sale, which was February 14th, but we had to order 3 more batches of clothing because we received over 100 pre-orders between the time we had our drop sale and the launch sale.

The sale includes the remaining inventory of the first sale (Valentine's Day Collection crewnecks - 15 pieces), all social media accounts (Facebook Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest), domain and everything linked to the store website, 200 wristbands with custom BBO packaging, BBO custom stamp, packaging tape and paper used to pack each piece, all logo and design files, all promotional pictures and videos and the contact info of everyone who was part of this business (models, photographers, videographers, manufacturers, designers, ambassadors, etc..).

The business was simple, marketing was done daily throughout our social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram) and the inventory was held in my basement so I would ship out myself via Chit Chat Express (cheap and fast shipping company here in Montreal, and has locations around Canada and the U.S.).

Everything is already set up for this store, including social media accounts and website. So, all it needs is someone to take over all operations and continue growing it!

As mentioned above, the brand has a big following and almost everything was sold out from over 200 pieces, except for the remaining 15. Almost every sale was done by hand to hand transactions, except a few shipments done personally by myself, the owner, to save on shipping costs and to grow a stronger relationship with customers. There have been Facebook and Instagram ads that have attracted over thousands of people. I've grown a big team and following with over 50 models, dozens of Instagram influencers and a few celebrities doing constant promo over social media channels. Instagram direct messages to all our followers got us 50% of our sales, which is around 100 orders.

I spent around 300$ on acquiring customers and doing marketing (social media ads, promotional shoots and videos) which lead me to acquire at least 200 loyal customer who have not only bought a piece but also promoted the business, and another few hundred who supported the company and waited further launches! So, the customer acquisition cost comes to around $0.6$ - $0.80.

As I just mentioned, at least a few hundred loyal fans and customers of the company await future projects and launches eagerly!

To conclude, BBO Clothing is a brand with great potential and a huge following for a newly emerging company. The reason I am selling it is because I am a part time student in business administration and I also manage my family restaurant pretty much every day when I'm done with my studies. I had begun this business with a team of 3 others, but they didn't have the time and resources to grow it either, at least not as long as I did. I hope whoever takes over can have a thriving business out of this and will become very successful!

What’s included in the sale

  • Physical inventory
  • Logo and branding assets
  • Social media accounts
  • Personal support after sale
  • Domain
  • Product photos

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Q & A

Why should someone buy this store?

This store has a very big following and shows a lot of potential. Not only does this sale include everything for the next owner to start with ease but it is coming literally everything set up (social media accounts, website, contacts and resources). With enough time and the right strategies. this company can continue to grow and it can become a drop shipping business as well using companies like Printful or

How can the future owner improve the business?

By growing the social media following and using more ads. Using the resources that I will provide, the company following can row substantially grow. thus increasing sales and popularity. Using dropshippers can help reduce costs in general and can be an effective method for the owner to to focus on marketing and growing the brand rather than production and order fulfillment.

What work have you put into the store?

I have dedicated countless sleepless days and months of hard work in growing the company to what it is today. I have shaped it perfectly to be passed on with 100% solidity and with a strong base (big following, loyal customers, strong website, solid production and fulfillment method and efficient marketing strategies). Photoshoots and promotional videos shoots have been made to help the brand stick out there.

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