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Before I begin, let me say; I understand this store isn’t for everyone. You need to have a passion for this niche and really understand its followers.

This website is completely unique, with a lot of effort put in to build trust and positive perception. Everything from the logo to the graphics on each of the phone cases (which will be provided with the sale), made by a very talented graphic designer. All graphic designers prior to being awarded the job were put through a solid test, to assess their capabilities, to truly capture the details in the products.

There are two logos which are used, the face of the business, and the brand logo. The face of the business is the image which in place of the slider, which a sexy female inviting you whilst putting her index finger on her lips to keep you hush. If you look carefully, you will also notice that on her finger she has the brand tattooed across her index finger. This tattoo is the same image used in the brand logo on emails and at the top of the website pages.

In terms of apps, I have chosen 8 specific apps and I will list in detail below why I have chosen each one in particular.

  1. Teelaunch – After researching nearly every Print On Demand company possible, I decided to go with teelaunch for a few reason. One being pricing, in terms of pricing, Teelaunch is unbeatable. Whilst their product pricing is similarly aligned with other POD companies, it’s their shipping price that sets that apart from the crowd, which allows us to incorporate shipping prices into the final price and pass on free shipping to the customer with our having it eat at all of our profits. Another reason I went the company is due to their support. I practically emailed them nearly everyday asking questions, and they always replied back enthusiastically with detailed answers (you can’t beat solid customer service). Final reason for me is their shipping speed, with customers receiving their product within 5 days of dispatch.

  2. Mailchimp – Mailchimp offer’s a lot of great features for a beginner and it’s the ability to do everything email related for such a cheap price that drew me towards the company. Whilst there are other more advanced email marketing companies out there that could do a much better job, for a new store Mailchimp offers everything you need and more.

  3. Ordermetrics.io – Ask anyone and they will tell you the key to any successful business is knowing your numbers. Ordermetrics.io makes it possible to track all your numbers with out the hassle, including all transaction fee’s and everything inbetween. The only difference between the free and paid version would be the ability to automatically include facebook ad fees and so forth.

  4. HelpCenter – If you take a moment to go look at the FAQ page of the website, you will see its laid out professionally. Usually before most customers make a purchase, they will go through your website and read about you. Unless your FAQ section looks professional, it’s going to be very hard to gain their trust.

  5. Affiliatly – This allows you to leverage the power of word of mouth. Paying for ads is one thing but your not certain their going to work. With affiliatly, influencers can promote using their own special link and you only pay for each sale. This benefits both yourself and the influencer – You only pay for whats sold and the influencer stands to make a lot more money based on how much their audience trusts them.

  6. Trust Hero – Trust Hero adds the trust badges below your ad to cart button, giving customers the confidence that their private information is safe

  7. Auto Currency Switcher – Shows your customers how much the products are costing them in their currency, removing any confusion.

  8. Free Persistent Cart App – Ever filled up your cart and accidentally closed your page? This keeps the items in your cart allowing for better conversion rates.

The business as a whole has a lot of room for growth based on what you believe you can achieve. Everywhere you look on social media, there is something related to booties or whatnot. Opportunity to grow includes adding other products to your store other than phone cases, and the best part is, it’s all Print On Demand!!!

This is a very promising small business with lots of opportunity. It’s a shame that I put all this hard work into building it but won’t get the opportunity to grow it like I intended to. Reason for selling is that due to personal circumstances which have risen, I wont have the time or money to put into marketing the business, so there is no point in keeping the shop open, and would rather pass it on to someone who is looking to hit the ground running.

Why should someone buy this store?

This is perfect for someone who is looking to dive into the world of dropshipping, but doesn’t have the time or patience to build a professional looking website from scratch. It is perfect for someone who wants to hit the ground running and focus on making sales rather than fluster around trying to put things together and make it work.

A bonus would be if its someone with a passion for the adult niche and/or has a love for booties and wants to share it with the world.

How can the future owner improve the business?

Future owners can improve on the business greatly with better marketing campaigns including Instagram and Facebook. Other ways the business can be improved in the future is with the expansion of the product range from only phone cases to also bags and apparel. Lots of room for growth.

What work have you put into the store?

Countless hours have been put into the store to build it from scratch. I am a perfectionist so I didn’t stop until I was truly satisfied that if I were a customer I’d buy from my store. A lot of time and effort was also put in working with the designer to perfect the images, probably two weeks with countless revisions just to perfect the images, (weren’t cheap to have created either).

$500 USD

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