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$2,800 USD

Bootylicious Swimwear

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General description


I launched this shop in June 2017 and have been actively building an audience around it on and off for the last year. It's been a side project of mine and as I'm trying to focus on building my main business I no longer have time to focus on it. This is an ideal business for someone who is already experienced with e-commerce Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest Ads or can hire out to someone who is and wants to break into this niche and hit the ground running with a store that's already setup and has an engaged following. We're currently seeing over 270,000 active viewers per month on Pinterest alone. I can send the full breakdown of Pinterest Analytics to interested buyers.

This is a fully set up store selling women’s bikinis and swimwear along with sunglasses and other beachwear. The site is built on Shopify, and all the necessary apps have been installed and are in use.

Fulfillment is fully automated with all items. Orders ship within 5 business days and delivery is between 2-3 weeks when the items are bought from China suppliers, orders bought with items from the U.S suppliers average delivery time is 7 days. The fashion, style, and presentation of the suits as well as the quality will blow away your customers! Only products with lots of current sales and high average reviews from AliExpress and Oberlo Supply have been added to the store.

The domain name was bought on GoDaddy, with the idea to have a heavy hand in social media with such a catchy name to bring in the maximum amount of customers.

Main Features

Premium (and sexy) domain name – EXPLOSIVE social media potential here. A competitor page on Facebook called “Bikini Madness” has over 166,000 followers (and growing fast), and currently features a bikini on their profile picture, that we offer on our site for an AMAZING price. We feature these bikinis on our website, at lower prices than theirs, and STILL get a GREAT profit margin (see COST)

Professional design – the logo and site design were developed by a professional designer. The logo is spread across all the social media platforms so that there is familiarity between the website and social media presence. The logo images come with the site. Because of this there is an amazing brand potential.

Fantastic Branding - The logo is completely 100% original, and our website name is very unique, so this site stands out in the industry. There is a mountain of potential to brand this site. The sales copy is wonderful and fluid throughout the site, and could even be expanded upon to make the buyer feel even more welcome. Bootylicious Swimwear is a site about the experience. It's about feeling beautiful. The About Page is personalized and speaks to a lot of women. This is a site for ALL bikini lovers. It is geared toward college-aged females, and will make them feel completely caught up during their shopping experience.

Great margins – the site is set up to attract buyers with its great prices. PLUS it’s already set up to start making you money with your very first sale! (see COST)

Shipping – Each item ships within an average of 5 days of purchase and arrives around 2-3 weeks from shipping when shipping from China. I've started converting as much of the inventory over to ship from suppliers that have warehouses within the U.S. At the moment 25 out of 184 of our products can be shipped from within the U.S. to allow for faster shipping times. You can easily add more products that ship direct from the U.S. within AliExpress if you are interested. Shipping rates are also adjustable, so if you want to charge more or less for shipping, that option is available. I currently have it set so everything ships for free as shipping costs are only averaging $2-3 when shipping from China, and averaging $5 when shipping from U.S. FYI: There is NO MINIMUM order with our drop-shippers.

Easy fulfillment –when a customer places an order, you will get an alert in your Shopify. Since all the bathing suits are fulfilled through an app called Oberlo, it takes a couple clicks, and the order is set up using Oberlo's automated order processing extension to place your order through Ali Express.

Financials and traffic

So far to date I have spent $750 on Facebook advertising and this was only during Jun-Nov 2017. After November I spent zero money on ads and have still been able to get 3-5 organic sales per month with sales slowing during winter, however if more traffic was sent to it with paid advertising during winter sales would increase. I accomplished this with an automated social media posting system and some minor SEO.

Breakdown: The swimsuit industry is a $13 billion dollar industry! Plus, more and more women are choosing to shop online for their swimsuit needs. With an average cost of a bathing suit being $11, and the average mark-up being around $21, that means you would only have to sell around 4 bikinis a month to be profitable! Note: That’s an average of 64% return on investment!

Average profit/month

$200 USD

Average overall profit margin


Average number of sales/month


Total revenue for last 12 months

$1,352.00 USD

Total traffic for last 12 months

10,608 Sessions

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Business Expenses

Cost Shopify basic plan - $29 per month Product cost - $3-$18 per product (wholesale for you) Shipping Fees: Avg $2-3 for Chinese Suppliers, Avg $5 from U.S. Suppliers

I use "Consistent Cart – Messenger Marketing & Abandoned Cart Recovery" which is an app that handles the cart abandonment process and follow ups. Also tracks cart metrics, push notifications, messenger marketing and has shop pop notifications showing recent purchases to increase social proof. It costs $14.00 a month.

Subscription costs can vary depending on the amount of sales made by the "Personalizer - AI Recommendations by LimeSpot " add on, which is $0 per month of it drives less than $50, $10 a month if they drive between $50 - $500 a month in sales, and 2% of revenue after that.

I haven't paid for any advertising since Nov 2017. In total I put $750 into Facebook ads to test different advertising campaigns between Jun-Nov 2017

Expense item


Shopify plan


Subscriptions (ie. Mailchimp, apps)


Advertising (ie. Adwords, Facebook ads, etc.)




What’s included in the sale

  • Physical inventory
  • Logo and branding assets
  • Social media accounts
  • Personal support after sale
  • Domain
  • Product photos

Social Media





Newsletter list

81 subscribers

Social media followers

6,664 people

Q & A

Why should someone buy this store?

The store has an amazing amount of active viewers each month, peaking in March at over 600k on Pinterest alone, to just over 270k this month. For someone with the knowledge on how to increase the store's conversion rate and the drive to actively promote the store it can turn into a very lucrative business especially with summer just around the corner.

I will be providing: The store itself and website Facebook Ad account with all previous campaigns All social media accounts - Facebook (5,843 followers), Instagram (291 followers), Pinterest (55 followers), Twitter (475 followers). Google Analytics Account HotJar account, with heat-maps and recordings of the last 100 visitors to better understand the user experience. Logo and Branding assets - all source files and variations.

How can the future owner improve the business?

The future owner of the store needs to optimize the store for higher conversions and then build out digital ad campaigns on various platforms. I have a great structure for a fashion eCommerce campaign strategy but didn't have the budget to implement it. I'll provide that to the future owner.

An influencer / brand ambassador program needs to be built out to really take advantage of Instagram potential.

There is tons of potential with the Pinterest audience that can be tapped into with the right strategy.

I would also take a look at upgrading the theme of the store to a more premium theme to help with conversions. Then find a Shopify app to set up up-sell type offers.

Building out the email subscriber base and implementing effective email campaigns would be hugely beneficial.

Google Shopping listings needs to be taken advantage of but I haven't had the time to implement it.

Also there is a lot that could be done with SEO. I would recommend hiring a freelancer to write-out product descriptions focused on SEO keywords and blogging.

What work have you put into the store?

I've spent the last year trying to grow the store as organically and low-cost as possible. I tested running Facebook ads back from Jun - Nov 2017 but I am not am not very familiar with ecom Facebook Ads so it was more of an experiment for me.

The branding and logo was designed by a professional design agency.

I built out each social media profile, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest and automated the posting to each to grow the stores following on each channel organically.

I recently brought on a brand ambassador for some Instagram shout out promotions and have two other's interested and can see if they will continue working with the new owners.

I have installed multiple apps to automate a lot of the store to include order fulfillment, cart abandonment, social proof and reviews (imported from AliExpress). I have also installed Facebook Pixel tracking, Google Analytics, and HotJar visitor recording.

How many hours does it take to run this business per week?

3 hours

$2,800 USD

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