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The Idea:

After a rigorous planing and researching, an urbex-themed store was born. Urbex, or urban exploration, is the art of exploring (and photographing in most cases) old and abandoned buildings. The niche, according to my belief, is strongly underserved when it comes to equipment and Capulux, the Urbex Store is the first of its kind on the market.


What is it that you will be selling, you ask? LED Headlamps, flashlights, first aid kits and respirator masks - those are the neccessities every urban explorer should have and those are the products you will provide. All of these are on the rise or flat-lining on google trends, so the demand is and will be there for the foreseeable future.

The store is run through Oberlo and all the products are rigorously researched and your dropshipping partners throrougly vetted. I ordered most of the LED Headlamps myself (delivery to Germany) and most products came within a week, a month at most. The goods were well packaged and arrived undamaged.


There is a blog on the website, focusing on giving free and useful information for the beginners. The goal of this blog is to gather and educate a small customer base of interested individuals.

The endeavor is supported by social media platforms, focusing mainly on Twitter and Instagram.

Twitter: - as you can see, there are over 1000 followers, interested in all things urbex related, paranormal (one of the subniches) and photography.

There is also a collaboration in place with a known urbexer Lucas Elliot - (15 % discount code for all his followers - 120k)

Aside from that, you would also be working with URBEXA: which is a collaboration based on tweeting and writing guest posts -

Instagram: - to facilitate posting, there are several collaborations with famous urbexers in place ,who share their photos with you. These photos can be reposted, provided you credit them in the description. 2.5k 2.5k 20k 5k 5k

Facebook: - building up the facebook profile was not a center of focus at this moment, but facebook ads would surely make all the content that is there worth the effort and work.


Although there is no dedicated channel, there are cooperations in place with small, up and coming influencers in this niche. Mainly: - Broken Window Theory - Urbex Empire

In their upcoming videos, they will feature some of the equipment sold in the store.

The Store:

The store is very minimalistic with the idea of "less is more" in mind. There are no unnecessary products and design reflects that. Light yellow tones to support the idea of LED Headlamps and Flashlights. These colors are further accentuated by a professional logo (find attached) Everything is setup and ready to go.

The descriptions are done with great care, using the wording of the end customer. The product pictures all over the store are uniform - no weirdly looking, out of place pictures that strike you in the eye straight away.

How "Capulux" was born: Head - "Caput" Light - "Lux" = "Capulux"

Why did I choose to sell?

Between running two other businesses and preparations for my upcoming studies, there was very little time to run the store properly. I felt like this store, with all the work that has been put into it, deserves someone who will take care of it properly.


It is only with a heavy heart that I am letting go of this store. After months of preparation, planning and research it is ready to roll and start selling. In order to make this store work properly as planned, I would suggest investing your time in running targeted facebook ads and developing connections with influencers in your niche (mainly on youtube).

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