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234,406 people


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41,708 Sessions

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DaVanityShop gets birth for a vision started with a necessity of bringing something that the market needs, thrives for only hearing the name, it fires in you that need to see what is all about. For 3 years the project went thru all kind of tests, that made it what is now, the point of referral of the italian e-commerce elite stores. As you can see for yourself all the italian store ave something to copy from his apparells, the way the clients are managed and treated, the way the posts are published, even the caption models are copied same-as, and reposted with the same image. The project arrived at a point where i want to see it burst, but my finance aren't so flourishing to make such an improvement, so here my decision to sell it at a reasonable price.

Why should someone buy this store?

Is a very big store, with a big percent of growth front funds to invest. The fanbase created is very loyal and active, there are insights that demonstrate the actual value of the store. The Name outstands over all the stores, in Italy and out of italy. The sales in one month goes between 2000€ with 6 hours a day of work and no ads active, 4000€ with 6 hours a day of work with facebook ads active and 200€ a month of budget, the work consists mostly in creating content, searching for best images of the apparell to post, then creating posts on facebook, instagram, making the orders received thru the day. Obvisuly more work means more sales, and growth. In three years the sales generated are 100000€ in the first year, 75000€ in the second year, and from the beggining of the year until today the sales generated are 78000€, with only Me managing all the aspects that i advise to improve that you can read below. The sales revenue, as the traffic registration, is only from june of this year, as you can see from the screenshots. Before i disscovered shopify i selled on blomming, ecwid, and only facebook itself. If you want a store that outstands, a gold mine that waits to be discovered, the diamond that ain't be found, this is what you need.

How can the future owner improve the business?

The future owner could have a phisical inventory, put the name of the brand on all the clothing physical inventory, in this way the shipment time drops drastically so the sellings will boost, add invetory for Men, Baby, Home apparell, and so on, start an affiliate campain on instagram, change the theme for the online store, hire an ad manager for facebook, instagram, google adWords, an accountant for the orders, a operator for the texts on facebook, instagram, e-mail, whatsapp, an operator for the phone calls (there are many virtual robots online at an affordable price), hire a social manager for publishing new content on instagram, facebook, pintrest, youtube.

What work have you put into the store?

I developed a fan base on facebook, of 234000 followers, on instagram, where i just started to publish and run ads, growth turned from 2000 to 7300 followers in less than 2 months, i spent the last 3 years on buliding a fanbase, clients, testing what is better for the store, when to publish, what clients prefer to buy, what ads are best, how to generate contacts, how to generate sale, conversions, the style of the logo, the name itself, that is often copied from other online stores only for the purpose to generate contacts, replied to messages on facebook, direct on instagram, whatsapp, e-mails, phone calls, generating contacts with suppliers, testing the various suppliers, understanding what is better to buy to resell, where is better to buy it, how to negotiate with the suppliers, outstanding literally on the e-commerce industry of affordable fashion apparell for ladies business in italy. Recently i started a youtube channel connected to the page, already created the logo, intro, name of the channel, and pubblished the first video.


$25,000 USD

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