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Dire Needs


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General description

• FREE RARE THEME INCLUDED, the theme converts like CRAZY! Not currently being used on my store! I use it on my stores that earn 5/6k a week. - DESIGNED JUST FOR ME I PAID £450!!! • FREE MINI FACEBOOK ADS course INCLUDED TOO! That has helped me reach 5/6k a week on other dropshipping businesses I own. – I bought for £250 I also have earned roughly £400 in profit over the span of a day and a half, this can easily be scaled! The revenue will update on 1st May, However I will show revenue proof if interested so you don't have to wait! • Access to Instagram account with over 2000 followers! Obtained from ads, this gives customers more courage to BUY! • PROFIT WAS OBTAINED IN ONE DAY, I will give you the targetting for FACEBOOK, and also the account too! SCALING IS REQUIRED as the initial sales part has already taken place, the gold mine is ALL YOURS!

• I had problems using Escrow therefore for the transaction, bank transfer is the only viable option, you will have my full details therefore do not worry about being scammed. I will be giving you my mobile number also as I wish to stay in contact after the sale to help if needed with anything! • THIS IS ALSO A DROP-SHIPPING COMPANY, it was setup to test products however I then found a successful one which ultimately I rebranded as my own and sold on for wide profit margins! • DireNeeds is a brand I felt very hopeful for! I have actually seen a very high rate of success! I think I have managed to effectively brand it and the product to make it look like it’s my own. After using Facebook ads I managed to make a good amount of sales, this was before I have even scaled so it is definitely possible to be reaching a lot of profit daily, talking £400-£1000 and even more possibly! • The website theme included can be designed by yourself as you wish, it can be found in the themes section of the store, if needed I will be willing to design it for you if you are struggling as it isn’t as easy as using the FREE shopify theme designs, however it isn’t that hard either so do not worry! • I MUST ADD, I AM VERY INTERESTED IN STAYING IN CONTACT. THEREFORE WILL NEED WHATSAPP CONTACT INFORMATION! I will also be willing to lend additional help after the sale in some ways if needed!

What’s included in the sale

  • Physical inventory
  • Logo and branding assets
  • Social media accounts
  • Personal support after sale
  • Domain
  • Product photos

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Q & A

Why should someone buy this store?

• I believe the technology/gaming industry will never end! It has unlimited potential this is why I had also firstly designed my store to be based on technological products, however after going through the process of creating everything I decided it was not the business venture I wished to partake, in this game it is very important to be interested in the niche, otherwise it makes it hard to sell the product to your customers!

• But most importantly, the profit margins with this store can definitely be huge and have very high potential! With years of experience on shopify making over 100k in 2 months on a store which I can prove if necessary I can guarantee if you buy this store you will definitely within 12 months make an INCREDIBLE ROI (Return On Investment).

• I will also be willing to help you slightly along the way and answer any queries you may have. If a determined person takes over I can definitely see it competing this year with highly followed gaming / technology websites which are earning huge stacks of money, worldwide daily.

How can the future owner improve the business?

• The future owner can succeed by simply being determined, I can hand the website over as well as the social media Facebook page, with all branding assets. But that is nothing if you cannot work hard and strive for success just like the name of the business!

What work have you put into the store?

• To be honest, this was a very short project. I one day got the idea to venture into the gaming/technology industry but then later regretted it because simply, I lacked interest, it wasn't enough for me to continue and work with it enough to turn it into an actual full time business. Which is definitely what I can see happening with it if a determined person takes over I can definitely see it competing this year with highly ranked beauty sites such as PCWorld!

How many hours does it take to run this business per week?

9 hours

$2,100 USD

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