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I opened this store because of my passion for men's fashion. The site is running Brooklyn theme with a lot of back-end css/html customization for better conversion rate :) Feel free to contact me if you have interest. All my product pages contain really good descriptions that are made with my customers in mind while adding scarcity and urgency + good copywriting. Check it out for yourself!

What is included in the sale? The store is created exclusively for boosting conversion rate. Everything from the clean and professional design, 100% original unique copywriting, product descriptions made to suck up the client, psychological tricks, high- quality images, building a brand and , to the Brooklyn !Customized! theme to make it as good as a premium theme . Includes FB page with 580 Likes as well. Also I provide full support after the purchase! You want something customized? No problem! Wanna add new products? I will do it and won't charge you a cent! Even if you don't know how to start advertising and marketing it I will share the vision and plan I had for this business!

What is required to keep the business operational? Really only Ads management and ordering the products from Aliexpress with Automated app "Oberlo" which is free. Just one click and the product is ordered. Oh and collecting the big cash obviously

Why are you selling the business? My main project took off big time and I just cannot see myself having enough time to lift this buissnes off the ground. But I'm sure you can!

How does the business generate revenue? Shopify + Aliexpress Dropshiping. The products cost $3-4 (incl. E-paket shipping) and sell for at least $20. That's $16-17 profit excl the ad cost! That gives a lot of room to work with! Also there is a special monthly subscription box where you clead $23 profit! The best way to generate this revenue is with FB ads and Instagram Influencer Marketing! And I will tell you what is the best targeting and IG influencers in my opition for this niche!

Are there any expenses for the business? If so, what are they? Aliexpress Product cost and paid traffic - FB ads and IG marketing

How can the future owner improve the business? This niche has great potential with IG marketing. Reach out to the influencers in the niche ( I will provide you with the best in my opinion) start doing shoutout, find out which ones convert the best and start doing regular shououts with them. Starting FB Ads campaings- So far I've only tested the grounds with 1 PPE ad for $30 and some forum posting. This means that there is A LOT of room for improvemen and hidden stash of gold. Utilizing blogging and posting in forums. reddit and other related blogs for free traffic

$250 USD

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