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$299 USD

Ready to launch Fashion Brand Store - FULLY STOCKED - eCommerce Dropshipping Business

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General description

Unlike other starter stores for sale here….. This is actually a viable proposition for gaining a big chunk of the Men’s and Ladies Fashion market.

Other Starter Stores here: don’t come with a domain name, don’t have a logo and most importantly don’t have unique product descriptions, they are just slapped together with the least possible work.

How is this Shopify Store different?

It Has Unique Product Descriptions This is a crucial point. Don’t buy a site with descriptions pasted straight from the supplier. Beware, most Shopify Stores are built in this way – check the product descriptions, if they all have the same format with no narrative, it is a cut and paste job. Our descriptions are professionally written and optimized for SEO. They are unique to each product, over 100 unique descriptions containing the features of each product. This will enable the site to eventually rank well on Google search, making it a very valuable asset in future, because you won’t have to rely exclusively on social media marketing to drive traffic. Most Starter Stores are just a cut a paste from the supplier, this often reveals your supplier and you will often never make any sales as a result! It Has a Valuable Domain Name This Premium Domain is Currently Valued at $850, this value should be reached with time as Premium Domains Increase in Value with Age. Has a Professional Logo Has 100+ Products Uses Oberlo for Importing Products and Managing Sales, making the business automated and a breeze to run.

Social Media Marketing – we won’t hand over a store and just say, “good luck!” We provide detailed Social Media Marketing materials to help you drive traffic using the latest methods on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Buy Button Setup and MORE. We also provide valuable outsourcing contacts so you can fast-track your social page setup and execution with very little expense. No other sellers will offer this.

This is a fully optimised eCommerce Dropshipping Store with a Simple and Clean design made to accommodate a smooth customer experience with a premium look and feel.

WHAT’S INCLUDED IN THE SALE? 100+ SEO Optimized Product Descriptions Product Photos Logo and Branding Assets Social Media Marketing Materials Premium Domain Name Installed App Setup and Integration for Managing Communication Store Optimization for Multiple Devices 24/7 Chat - Customer Support (via Shopify)

We advise that you get started driving traffic to your Store as soon as you take ownership however if you wish to add more products this is simple and fast using the Oberlo App. There is no limit to the amount of products you can add to your Shopify Store. Oberlo makes it easy to import dropshipping products directly into your store and your orders will be shipped directly to your customers from the supplier. You can also be sure that your inventory and prices are always up to date.

The Store is Ready For Business The Product Mix consists of all the proven sellers so you just drive traffic and sales. We provide marketing materials for you to follow to help with this. We have configured the stores settings and created a store design for drop-shipping efficiency. Our products are sourced by reliable suppliers with faster US shipping times than average. We have installed a currency converter on the home page for ease in currency comparison; this will open up new markets for you. We have also installed multiple apps to automate and assist the management of the store. We have included Refund Policy, Return Policy and Privacy Policy pages, composed with best practise and optimized for SEO.

The Business Model

Drop-shipping is a great and low-risk option for a start-up business because it negates the need to design, manufacture, hold stock or ship physical products. Dropshipping suppliers will ship products directly to your customers when they are purchased. When a customer places an order, shipping and product info get sent to your supplier who sends the product direct to your customer. With the Oberlo App this process is semi-automated because the input of your customer’s address and the processing of payment is done automatically.


What if I need to make some changes in the future?

When we hand over the site it is up to you how you make changes in the future. Shopify is very easy to use and you can make changes and add products easily. Shopify also has 24/7 live chat so you can get answers to questions immediately. We encourage you to concentrate on marketing your new site to generate traffic and sales building up some cash flow rather than making changes initially. If you need any advice we are here to help!

How do I communicate with customers?

We encourage you to use the instant chat app on your store to convert enquires and communicate with customers. The key here is to drive traffic to your site and make visitors enter their email to initiate a chat. That way if you are not online you can convert the chat to a ticket with the customers email, the ticket is sent via the App and will never get stuck in spam filters of webmail providers. So if you are online or not, you create a ticket for every email you capture and this email will arrive in the customers inbox. When they reply, it will arrive in your inbox. And you will never lose dialogs with prospective and existing customers this way. Support@ ….and any hosted emails used to communicate with customers are problematic and result in loss of sales because of spam filters. When you have the an email address from a prospect or a customer via the App you can create a ticket and send an email to them via the App then you have a permanent spam guard protected email thread. The App has Free 24 hour support.

What payment gateways are used?

There are so many options here…it is best just to use the Shopify gateway which is native to Stripe. Customers can pay with any credit or debit card like this in a very secure environment.. All Shopify stores have SSL certificate encryption so you site will say Secure https:// PayPal is the next favoured option and can be installed as a checkout option not a problem.

What are the profit margins on the products that I will sell?

EG. You sell an item in you Store for $20. With the Oberlo App this process is semi-automated because the input of your customer’s address and the processing of payment is done automatically. You pay $5, then Aliexpress sends the item direct to your customer. $15 profit. Packaging sent direct to your customer contains no invoice, logo or pricing details.

Profit margins are set at 100-200%, so if an item costs you $5 the sale price will usually be $15. When you are running a successful social media marketing campaign your projected sales should be 10-30 sales per day. In this case you are looking at $150-$600 Net Profit Per Day.

How does the Transfer of Ownership Work?

Once the payment is cleared steps to transfer the business: Give us your name and email address that you want the shopify account to be under. Then you will get an invite to login from Shopify. You enter your own password and login. You log in and the store ownership is then transferred to you. After that subscribe to a shopify plan (a basic $29 plan will do or choose any other plan you may prefer) The Website is then Live and you are the owner of the business. For domain transfer; open an account with Godaddy (it is free) and send us your customer ID and email address that you used to open the Godaddy account with. I need this to transfer the domain to your account so you own it. When this is done I will email you final instructions on accepting the domain name. This email will include all the site guides and Social Media Marketing Materials.

Any Questions Let Us Know!

What’s included in the sale

  • Physical inventory
  • Logo and branding assets
  • Social media accounts
  • Personal support after sale
  • Domain
  • Product photos

Q & A

Why should someone buy this store?

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How can the future owner improve the business?

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What work have you put into the store?

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$299 USD

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