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Hi, thanks for checking out my store listing.

They didn't have an industry selection for general stores so I just chose Fashion and apparel.

GrabOutlet.com is designed and built to be a general store that can sell items in any niche. The reason behind this is simple. General stores allow for more flexibility and you can sell items that are seasonal, trending, and just whatever else comes to mind. Niche stores may do well while the niche is popular, but some niches tend to slow down after a certain period of time. The benefit of owning a general store is that you will have unlimited room for growth.

The store previously generated sales from Facebook Ads

Currently it does not get sales or much traffic. There may be an odd organic sale once in a while, but currently I am not running any ads to the store.


This store is a 100% drop shipping store. That means we do not carry any inventory. Most of the items are from AliExpress, but there are some custom printed items as well. Custom printed items are fulfilled by Teelaunch and that part is automated.

Drop shipping through AliExpress is simple and straightforward. Anyone can easily manage this store with minimal effort. Ordering process can easily be outsourced as well.

This store comes with:

  • Email list of over 4,000 people (You can generate sales with weekly email campaigns)
  • Premium theme that has been designed and proven to maximize sales ($147 Value)
  • Several different Facebook pages. There is the main Grab Outlet page, but there are also other pages as well.

** 2 Month Adviser ** $10,000 VALUE

The real value I am providing with the sale of this store is that I will stay on board as an adviser for 2 months. A digital marketing strategist typically has a salary of $60,000 per year. So that is $5,000 per month. This is a $10,000 value being provided with the sale of the store along with the branded image, premium theme, and email list.

What will I provide as an adviser?

I will show you everything you need to know to run this store. I will also show you how to run Facebook Ads, and which product you can start with. If you are interested in other digital marketing strategies, I can provide some guidance there as well.

I will show you how to do product research.

If you are interested in SEO, I have a contact that can provide you SEO services.

Essentially, you will get over the shoulder training from me for 2 months.

** Tip **

If you are interested in buying this store, I would recommend you also have a budget set aside to run paid advertising mainly through Facebook Ads. A good starting budget is around $1,000 per month.

You can get SEO done for $300 per month, but it does take time to see results with SEO.

Please contact me with any questions, thank you!

$10,000 USD

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