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Happy P.

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Happy Puppy



What is included in the sale?


  1. The entire Happy Puppy store on Shopify: Customized for 10%+ conversion rates, hottest dog products fully set up (dropshipping off Aliexpress and Print on Demand (Custom Cat)), upsell apps set up for maximum AOV (average order value), colors and branded LOGO, ready to go and making sales!

  2. Facebook Pixel of over 1800 purchasers - pixel is FULLY seasoned with custom LLA's (look alike audiences) set up and ready to be tested!

  3. Email List of over 5000+ targetted DOG OWNERS

  4. Instagram account (@happypuppyco) with over 39K real organic Followers (NOT follow/unfollow), GROWING VIRAL DAILY by hashtags on the EXPLORE page

  5. Facebook Page (over 1K real organic likes)

  6. Facebook Targetting Angles and AUDIENCES: I will give you 40+ of my best angles that consistently make over 2X ROAS (return on adspend)

  7. Profitable F+S Campaign - waiting to be RUN - this will yield you 2X ROAS immediately and build you a FREE email list (like it did for me)!

  8. Secured domain name: www.happypuppy.co , email: hello@happypuppy.co and instagram acct: @happypuppyco

  9. Probably something I am missing here - ask and you shall receive :)


  1. I will teach you how to go VIRAL on Instagram's Explore page for specific hashtags... This is not lame Follow/ Unfollow method, 1000X better: I have personally gained over 23,000 Organic Followers IN 24 HOURS by going viral on the EXPLORE PAGE. Training Worth: $2,000+

  2. I will give you Access to the same E-commerce Shopify mastermind I was a part of that has over 26 (2 hour plus) training videos teaching you how to SCALE from 0 - $100,000 in sales PER MONTH using FACEBOOK advertising! You will have ENTIRE ACCESS to this content. Training Worth: $5,000+ / PRICELESS as it can give you complete and total financial freedom.

  3. I WILL HELP YOU FOR THE FIRST 30 DAYS AFTER PURCHASING!!! I will walk you through EVERYTHING and make sure you are understanding it all and that you set yourself up for success. You will have direct access to me and I will share all knowledge I have with you on how to make this an incredibly successful business!

What is required to keep the business operational?

This business can EASILY earn you over $200 in NET profits DAILY (without ANY adspend) if you do the following:

  1. Schedule Viral Content to be posted on IG (work required: 1 hour weekly)

This will keep growing the @happypuppyco IG page, with 39K followers you are an INFLUENCER. Our videos get 600,000+ views. Best video got over 2.6M ORGANIC VIEWS ($0 ADSPEND)!!! People are already asking me for shoutouts - you can charge them $50-100 / post easily.

  1. Email the LIST of over 5000+ targetted Dog owners (weekly promos)! (The $$$ is in the LIST) (work required: 2 hours weekly)

I have emailed the list several times and every time I do I get over $400 in sales - that's at 70% profit margins. This can be done WEEKLY very easily! Just provide them with VALUE, VALUE, OFFER!

  1. Start Facebook Advertising (F+S Campaign + Retail Viral Campaigns)

The real money is here. I have an incredible free + Shipping campaign that's doing 2X ROAS (return on adspend), you can scale this campaign and get yourself a FREE email list of targetted Dog owners AND a profit ontop of it!

ALSO, test new RETAIL products! You have 1800 purchasers on the Facebook Pixel, Facebook knows who your buyers are!

Why are you selling the business?

I am selling the business because an incredible opportunity came to work with a Friend who is about to be bigger than Drake / The Weeknd. AND I HAVE TO DO IT!!!

How does the business generate revenue?

The business generates daily revenue from both Instagram and Facebook.


You will go viral on IG on a daily basis and people from all over the world will purchase from you. This traffic is world wide and ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! All you need to do is fulfill the orders - I can give you access to the BEST VA (virtual assistant) who can do it for you for very cheap :)!

Are there any expenses for the business? If so, what are they?


  1. Shopify Plan + all monthly recurring apps on Shopify (helps you increase average order value + sales)

  2. Email List (MarketHero): $100/month - I use MarketHero because it is hands down the best email marketing platform for Shopify. (List Segmentation, knows who bought and calulates the customer Lifetime Value)

  3. OnlyPult.com - Schedules IG posts for you - it's only $10/month or something like that, very useful to do auto posts for you on Instagram.

What marketing initiatives have been used for this business?

Facebook Advertising, Instagram and Email Marketing

How can the future owner improve the business?

  1. Focus your attention on this business ONLY (place your eggs in ONE basket) - it can easily earn you over $10,000 / month in NET profits (within 1-2 months of work on it)

  2. Keep posting on Instagram, I grew from 0 to 39K followers in 2 WEEKS. Keep posting and in no time you will be at 100K + in followers. So many people contact me through IG wanting shoutouts and paid promotions.

  3. Test new products on Facebook - you already have 1800 buyers on FB, the pixel is seasoned, it will find the best audience for you and give you the best conversions

  4. Email Marketing + Facebook Messenger Marketing - start doing more email blasts. I would email them 3x / week, with Value on Mondays and Wednesdays and an Offer on Fridays, with the offer ending on Sundays!


  1. Happy Puppy is an incredible Brand - you won't find a domain name like this.

  2. Dogs are EPIC - dog owners LOVE their dogs and will do pretty much anything for their dog.

  3. I have done the hard work for you.

  4. You will get exclusive trainings from me on how to go Viral on IG (once you learn this you can do it for ANY brand / business you want to grow).

  5. You will get all of the trainings (26 videos, each over 2 hours of value packed contet) from the E-commerce Mastermind I am a part of: teaches you how to build, optimize, grow and scale your Shopify store from $0 to $100,000 / month using Facebook Ads (I have spent A LOT of money getting this information - I will give it to you for free).

  6. I am selling this because an incredible opportunity came to me. I have to take it and I don’t want to juggle 7 things at once.

  7. I will help you set everything up so that you are successful.

If you’re still reading this congratulations.

Send me a message with ANY questions and I will get back to you ASAP!


(647) 285-0165

Mike Filev


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