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HealingTables.com Generated $57,767.00 Revenue in 6 Months - Own It For Just $3000!




538 products


Total revenue for last 12 months

$39,822.00 USD


Total traffic for last 12 months

8,291 Sessions

Revenue includes sales until the end of last month and is calculated from Exchange’s eligible payment providers. Total traffic comes from all data available to Shopify.


This store was created by my business partner and I as our first venture into eCommerce. Within 6 months we had partnered with all the leading drop-ship suppliers in our niche and generated $57,767.00 USD worth of revenue.

We are very proud of what we achieved here and think that HealingTables.com has potential to do really well if someone is willing to take the time to improve the website and advertising. We managed these sales numbers with a very basic site we designed with no experience and no advertising other than Google Product Listing Ads.

The reason we are selling is because while we we're building this store, we were also creating a marketing consulting business too. Fortunately for us, this consulting business became very profitable. Unfortunately for HealingTables.com, this mean we would focus all our time elsewhere so we decided to 'pause' the store for the last 6 - 7 months.

We've decided to sell the store as we don't want to pay fees for a business we no longer have the time or desire to operate. We're offering the store at a very cheap price and are looking to sell it quickly to someone who understands the potential of the store & is willing to take it to the next level.

Update: After receiving a lot of emails I'm putting up some more detailed information

Do you have physical inventory, or is this a dropshipping store? We are 100% dropship based and don’t own or hold any inventory ourselves. Everything is purchased, held, and shipped by our suppliers at the time of sale.

Are there any social media accounts in place? Yes, but we never put too much work into it. You can see it here: facebook.com/healingtables/

Are there any marketing accounts in place? The only marketing we used was Google Adwords and Google Analytics, we have one account but lost some data when we had the Google team reset our account after running into some issues. One is available, the other has had the data accidentally cleared. We currently have visible data for the date ranges of December 2016 to February 2017. Anything before this was lost and this is part of why we are selling the store cheap. However, you can see the data in Shopify for sales, etc.

Does the business have any debts or payments owing? No, we have paid all outstanding payments. There is nothing owing here.

Do you offer any personal support after the sale? We’d be happy to offer support during the transfer and some limited support after the sale to help you get accustomed to the store. However, due to how busy we are now, we can’t offer too much time. Again, this is part of why the price is lower.

Do you share the dropshippers with the buyer? We are no longer dropshipping at all, so you won’t have to fear us competing with you or using any of the suppliers on other stores. All the suppliers we give to you will be yours alone.

Do we get the "account" you have set up with the dropshipper? Yes, we are still on good terms with our suppliers and will happily inform them that you are the new owner.

Can we see the Profit & Loss Sheet? We are more than willing to share the basics here but for a more detailed view we’d want to do a skype call.

What happened after Jan 2017 that caused the sales to drop so substantially? Jan on shopify has some data issues, we made more than it says in sales - I've corrected it here and can show proof in a skype call. Feb was when our focus shifted dramatically to our consulting business, we simply didn’t have time for the store and let it go on autopilot basically. After we decided we’d be moving on, we paused all marketing and stopped generating traffic.

What are the margins or the mark-up on your various tables? Margins range from 20-40% on all items, depending on the price point and supplier.

How many different dropshipper are you working with? Our niche is quite small and we worked closely with less than 10 suppliers.

What are your return rates? Fortunately, we’ve never had returns. Sure we’ve had refunds, and one time a product arrived damaged but the supplier sent out a brand new one immediately.

Is the content unique or copy/pasted from suppliers? Any content that we don’t have permission to re-use is unique, the rest is about 50% unique.

Do you receive many telephone inquiries? The products we sell are quite expensive, so we’d often receive calls - usually on products over $1000.

Could you give an overview of the numbers? Yes - please note all numbers are in USD.

Lifetime Overview Gross Sales: $57,767.00 Net Sales: $47,740.56 Cost of Products: $39,504.23 Cost of Advertising: $5,656.47 Net Profit: $2808.23

Monthly Breakdown:

Month 1: Aug 20th ‘16 - Sept 19th ‘16 Gross Revenue: $974.85 Net Revenue: $909.85 Product Cost: $707.79 Gross Profit: $202.06 Ad Spend: $185.37 Net Profit: $16.19

Month 2: Sept 20th ‘16 - Oct 19th ‘16 Gross Revenue: $6401.86 Net Revenue: $4651.21 Product Cost: $4160.94 Gross Profit: $490.25 Ad Spend: $826.50 Net Profit: -$336.25

Month 3: Oct 20th ‘16 - Nov 19th ‘16 Gross Revenue: $8903.29 Net Revenue: $8689.21 Product Cost: $7,411.28 Gross Profit: $1,269.88 Ad Spend: $651.25 Net Profit: $618.63

Month 4: Nov 20th ‘16 - Dec 19th ‘16 Gross Revenue: $3749.99 Net Revenue: $3500.98 Product Cost: $2,780.53 Gross Profit: $720.45 Ad Spend: $502.62 Net Profit: $217.83

Month 5: Dec 20th ‘16 - Jan 19th ‘17 Gross Revenue: $26,557.48 Net Revenue: $25,305.85 Product Cost: $20,616.31 Gross Profit: $4,828.58 Ad Spend: $1,942.77 Net Profit: $2,885.81

Month 6: Jan 20th ‘17 - Feb 19th ‘17 Gross Revenue: $10,940.54 Net Revenue: $4686.46 * Had some out of stock items to refund. Product Cost: $3749.17 Gross Profit: $937.29 Ad Spend: $1531.27 Net Profit: $-593.98

Store Closed 20th Feb 17

I'd be happy to email or video chat with anyone who is interested, so please reach out if you are.



$3,000 USD

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