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Hydra Fashion - 9500 items, USA Suppliers

What’s Special About This Store

-All suppliers ship from within the USA which means FAST shipping

-Enormous catalog of over 9,500 products

-Unique & high quality professional design with custom build theme

-16 year old premium aged domain

-Professional market research undertaken

-Built in currency converter

-Big $$$$ spent on setup

In addition to the above, you'll get lifetime access to my marketing library with hundreds of e-books and videos, and free training and support.

I’m the owner of seven very successful Shopify stores, it’s time to let one go. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. Want to know what it’s like to earn well into triple figures every year? Send me a message and I can tell you. Either that, or buy this store and find out what it’s like to run your own successful business, with your own hours, and own rules.

Red Hot AGED domain - 16 Years Old


Apart from the store itself, the domain is something really special. The domain was registered in 2001, and has never lapsed in that time period, making it 16 years old. Aged domains go for a premium, AND ARE HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER. Aged domains generally sell for upwards of $3,000, depending on the quality of the domain name, and it’s TLD.

Check the domain age here: https://www.webconfs.com/web-tools/domain-age-tool/

Additionally, the domain is only 12 letters, and belongs to the highly sought after, and increasingly rare, .com TLD. The domain is keyword heavy, with the heavy hitting search term ‘fashion’ dominating searches on google with millions of hits every month. Very rarely does an opportunity like this present itself, and the astute investor must recognise when it appears. They don’t get any more obvious than this.

USA based drop shippers, with warehouses located in the USA.

All our suppliers are based in the United States. Shipping from inside the US gives an enormous advantage against your competitors. Fast shipping keeps customers coming back again and again. Return customers will mean higher profits. Having zero complaints about shipping has given me extra time to focus on important things like growing my other businesses, and marketing campaigns. Drop shipping from China simply isn’t viable any more, and that’s why this new business model has been so successful, it takes the things that drop shipping from China doesn’t give you, like buyer protection, accountability, and fast shipping, and solves them. Shipping from warehouses in the United States has delivered me incredible profits on my other drop shipping store and i fully expect this store to meet or exceed the expectations i’ve set.

About The Products

All of the products have their own individual description, quality photographs, and many come in different variants. Great care has been taken to chose only the best products. Inferior stores have generic descriptions and poor quality photos, don’t be caught in the trap and walk away with a store that’s not going to make you money.

Costs to Develop Site & Marketing Research Undertaken

I have invested significant time and money into developing this store, fully intending for it to become my main project. You can rest assured that all products and suppliers were suitably vetted before incorporating them into my store. After investigative research into current and past trends, sample products were ordered from all suppliers, and passed onto friends and family members for ‘testing’. The results from these tests were heartening and encouraged me to move forward with product selection and marketing preparation. Over a thousand dollars was spent to reach this phase of the project, as well as an investment of approximately 6-8 months in between other projects.

Store Layout & Design

The logo and photoshopping work in the store was all commissioned to a qualified graphic designer. The store itself features a unique design and layout. I went to great lengths and expense to make visiting the store a pleasurable experience and a feast for the senses. I’ve had nothing but positive feedback from everyone who has seen the store and extensive testing has been done to ensure that the store is stable, and can handle the large amounts of traffic expected to visit the store daily. This store is an exceptional example of quality, functional design and works perfectly to support it’s enormous catalog.

About the platform (Shopify)

I’ve been using Shopify for about 4 years now, and i have to say that their platform is absolutely fantastic. Sure it’s not perfect, but I’ve been able to earn 3 times what I was earning working for someone else, so i’m really not going to complain. All my stores run on the Shopify Advanced plan, which is $299 per month, and lets you have up to 15 staff accounts, a huge amount of storage, gift cards, advanced reporting, and lower credit card fees. This store can also be run on the $79 & $29 shopify plans if desired.

About Me

I am college educated middle aged man with a double degree in business & marketing. I own 7 successful shopify stores and run them with the help of my wife and son. I spent 14 years working for an internationally recognised company, before deciding to take a break due to family commitments and start my own business. I take pride in all my work and am a bit of a perfectionist. I’m friendly, down to earth, and enjoy baseball and tennis. I like to keep my weekends for my kids, which has been easier as I’ve been earning enough to employ one of the guys I used to work with.

Why are we selling

I’ve decided that I’d like to concentrate on my existing stores and spend more time with my family. I’m already earning enough to live very comfortably and I feel like it’s time to pass the baton to someone else. I can’t recommend this lifestyle enough to anyone, freedom is a blessing, and money certainly gives you freedom. I would love to give someone else to opportunity to experience that.

What support will you receive

Although I can be quite busy at times, I’m happy to give the winning bidder my full support and assist with the transition of ownership as much as possible. I have a number of personal and public resources I can provide to you, as well as any advice I can offer. Winning bidder will be given my personal contact details so they can keep in touch with me as required throughout the transition of ownership and beyond.


Is this store suitable for beginners?

I’ve designed the store to be as user friendly as possible, my son is only young and I wanted him to be able to use it as well. It will obviously require the new owner to have basic computer knowledge, but beyond this I will be available to support the new owner and answer any questions they have.

How much money can I make with this store?

A well run Shopify store on this scale can earn up to $8,000 per month. I can personally testify to this. It may take some practice to get there, but it is definitely possible.

Why this niche?

Womens clothing is a massive global market worth billions of dollars per year, this is a market that will never die, unlike a lot of come and go niches like fidget spinners. The majority of investments I’ve made in this niche have made off handsomely, so it pays to stick to what you know.

Do all suppliers ship out of the United States?

Yes, all of our suppliers ship out of warehouses in the United States, making shipping incredibly fast and cheap.

Are the suppliers contact details and other information provided upon sale? Yes, you will receive the contact details of all our suppliers.

Will you consider an offer?

Yes we will consider all reasonable offers.


If you're looking to purchase this store, please use the contact for to get in touch. Transaction will be handled through escrow.com, please get in touch if you're having difficulty creating an account. Transfer through escrow will allow buyer 24 hours to inspect the goods being transferred. It is 100% safe, and a great tool to use.

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