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Leggings Fashion Store for Sale

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General description

PREMIUM domain name LONDON POPPY. 100% Dropship, easy to target with FB Ads and Instagram

You are a getting fully setup, ready to go dropship store. A very fun and niche product selling “ Leggings, Activewear, Swimwear" for women. Very Easy to target customers. Run some ads on FB and Instagram and start making money.

Features of the Site: · Built with Shopify which is a world class robust system · Premium Domain Name. · Premium apps installed on the site · Beautiful looking website with a premium feel · A fully responsive website which looks great on Mobile, Tab, and PC. Please check it out. · Help with Google Analytics set-up · Help with Facebook Pixel set up · FB page, Instagram account & Tumblr account · Email Marketing app set up · Shipping app set up · PayPal set up · Interesting Blog articles · Live video embedded on home page “How to Tie a Bow Tie, with Jesse Tyler Ferguson” · SEO optimized website · Complete drop shipping Model · Current Profit Margin set up at 200%-250%

I am also giving away a complete Email Marketing campaign for FREE, This is valued at over $300/- This will help you to start off your email marketing campaign

You will get the following items FREE with your Purchase.
1. BILLION EMAIL addresses worldwide for your marketing campaign
2. Tips on sending bulk email messages
3. EMAIL MARKETING EXCELLENCE PLR (My Expensive Paid Email Training Pack)
4. Email Marketing Blueprint
5. Email Prestige (Making Sales on Autopilot) Graphics 6. EMAIL TEMPLATES AUTORESPONDERS This is a complete Email Marketing Pack to start your WEBSITE advertising for FREE!!

I am also giving away a Graphics Pack for FREE. It contains •More than 100 Colorful and different style Discount Banners that you can use on your website to run promotions •Web design Icon pack with more than 500 different Icons and graphics that can be used to make your website attractive and beautiful

Projected Sales Forecast for the business: The average sale price per product is= $20. Minimum 100% profit margin per product Net profit per sale =$10 After running a successful & targeted marketing campaign on Facebook & Google you can easily expect 15-20 Orders per day. Total Sales per day: $15 X 20= $300 Total Sales per month: $300X 30= $9,000 Net Profit after removing cost of product= $4500/-

This is considering the bare minimum orders per day of 15. In reality after a successful marketing and social media campaign it is very common for ecommerce websites to receive 30-50 orders per day within the first few months.

What is required to keep the business operational? No prior knowledge required. Everything is set up for you and ready to go. All you need to do is promote the website on FB, Instagram, and Google etc. I will be giving a step by step by guide on how to run FB, Google and Instagram Adverts along with : "How to make a Killer Social Media Marketing Plan" guide.

How does the business generate revenue? Through online sales

Are there any expenses for the business? If so, what are they? Costs: $29 per month for basic Shopify account .You will cover your cost in basically 1-2 sales tops

Why are you selling the business? I make and sell visually attractive e-commerce websites for entrepreneurs who want to have a shot at their dreams without burning a hole in their pockets


Imagine how you would feel having an extra income that could allow you to make all the shopping you've always wanted, giving you the economic stability for you and your family. Imagine your surprise coming back home and seeing that, while you were out, your online shop earned for you more than a working day in the office.

If you are looking for an online business, already fully functional, in one of the most profitable niches of the web, allowing you to work from home for a few hours a week without having to give up your job or your passions, then this is the right site for you.

A highly attractive design, created by experts in graphic and marketing, that will be able to attract while giving a sense of genuine and reliability to the customer who will buy your products. A premium theme designed to maximize the conversion rate: there are so many products to choose from that your customers will want more and more, adding lots of products in the cart and allowing you to earn fast and easily with Shopify. They simply won't miss your products at such affordable prices: if they went to a local shop to buy the same items, they would pay much more.

Payment processing is easy and fully automated: no need to worry about security issues or transactions issues because the website is configured to use the most robust and reliable gateway on the web. You will receive in real-time all the payments made via PayPal or Credit Card. You will be noticed via email when a customer makes a purchase: after you receive the payment you will just forward the order to the supplier at a lower price, earning an average of 100%-150% profit on every order. Of course you can easily adjust the final price to maximize profit competitively.

That's it: supplier will manage the order and deliver it to the address of your customer. Forget about expensive stock and worries LONDON POPPY is a full drop shipping business: that means that all the orders are sent directly to your customers by the supplier. If you promote this website on Facebook, Instagram and do some SEO, you can easily reach 30-40 orders per day.

Hot Features: - Computer skills are not required: the management is very simple and can be performed from an intuitive control panel. We will also provide all the necessary information to keep the website up to date and highly competitive. - You don't have to invest money. You will pay only the price of the auction: no warehouse, no purchase of goods to resell. There's only a small 29$/monthly fee that will let you to keep your catalog updated. You will cover this cost with just 1-2 sales in average. - Drop Ship supply chain easy and straightforward: just forward the order to the supplier and he will manage the order entirely, delivering the product to your customer in a fast and safe way.

In conclusion, LONDON POPPY is an online megastore that can really stand out in the online space and accessories allowing you to get excellent profits in a rapidly growing business. It does not require any type of investment or computer skills: the order management is easy and straightforward allowing you to earn from the very first day.

What’s included in the sale

  • Physical inventory
  • Logo and branding assets
  • Social media accounts
  • Personal support after sale
  • Domain
  • Product photos

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