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Oceanista Jewelry Brand

This is a rare opportunity to purchase a BRAND that you can grow for years to come rather than a generic ecommerce store. I have built a COMPLETE branded business that can easily be scaled up whenever you want. People get behind brands because they can identify with their message. Think about one of your favorite brands. You love it because it resonates with you. You are loyal because you are familiar with their service, quality, style etc. If they released a new product today, you would be interested. You’d open the email, read the blog post, or comment on their social media post. That is the power of brand loyalty.

That’s what you want when you’re selling any product. A loyal group of customers that always want what you’re selling because they resonate with your message and the lifestyle or emotional experience you are selling them. In this business, we don’t just sell beach jewelry, we sell the beach lifestyle.

There are huge advantages when you own a brand and here are just a few…

Customer Recognition, Competitive Edge in Market, Easy Introduction Of New Products, Customer Loyalty and Shared Values, and Enhanced Credibility and Ease of Purchase.

Read more here: http://www.mill-im.com/creative/5-major-benefits-strong-brand/

From day one I have worked hard at building a community around our brand and narrowing down our niche. Take a quick glance through our website and it quickly becomes clear that we represent women who love the beach and the beach lifestyle. This niche has endless opportunities for expansion and will allow you to grow and scale as big as you want and for as long as you want.

What’s included in the sale?


  • Oceanista Jewelry branded domain and email account + 1 additional broader domain name if you want to expand into other products or drop the sale of jewelry all together.

  • Copyrighted branded designs created by us that you can sell on t shirts, decals, coffee mugs or on any other product you wish to sell. Your own unique products that only you are selling. (Read about Copyrights here: https://www.copyright.gov/help/faq/faq-general.html#mywork)

  • Fully functional website and access to all drop ship accounts and suppliers.

  • Integrated Customer Rewards and Referral Program

  • Integrated Website Optimization (automatic welcome emails, cart recovery, birthday messages compressed photos for faster page loading times etc)

  • Integrated Email Marketing Solution

  • Integrated Customer Product Reviews to build customer confidence

  • Integrated Blog

  • Integrated Wheel of Fortune Style Popup to capture customer emails

  • Email List of 2870+ subscribers

  • Facebook Page – 932+ Likes (Integrated store right on Facebook. Customers can shop from FB page)

  • Facebook Group – 35+ Members

  • Instagram Page – 2790+ Followers

  • Pinterest – 48 followers with over 1900 pins, plus all products are listed on Pinterest as Buyable pins

  • Twitter name is secured but I don’t use it. 6 followers

  • All social media followers are REAL. We do not pay for fake followers or likes.

  • Jewelry Subscription Box Subscribers – 3

  • No inventory since all products are drop shipped (subscription box is not drop shipped but I have no excess inventory at the moment)

  • Lifetime email support from me – Contact me with any questions any time.

I use Bold to run the subscription box and since we are including an additional domain, this could actually become two separate businesses. If you wanted to run the subscription box on it’s own you could, or if you don’t want to run a subscription box at all you can sell it. I’ve set it up so that there are options for you to grow, diversify and profit! If you have Amazon or Etsy Affiliate accounts, you can easily see how you could integrate thousands of their products into this business as well. You are only limited by your imagination.

Overhead is minimal. (Monthly fee for Shopify store, custom printed boxes for subscription box, annual domain renewal and advertising)

Time required to run this business is very low. I currently spend about 5 or 6 hours per week total processing orders, sourcing product and posting on social media. This could easily be outsourced to a VA if you don’t want to do these tasks.

Please note that since we have only been in business for a little over a month we don’t have accurate traffic numbers yet and very limited financial data.

This website went live on June 5th 2017 but I officially started taking orders June 30th and it has generated a lot of interest and our sales are starting to grow. I have a list of bloggers and influencers who have reviewed our subscription box, and some that want to review some of other products in the future. I will pass along their contact info to the new owner. The subscription box was also just submitted to the My Subscription Addiction directory and should be featured soon. This business is just getting started and gaining traction everyday. It’s ready for the next step! YOU!

Why am I selling if it’s just getting started?

I really enjoy the creative process of coming up with new business ideas, designing the website and logo, choosing the products, building the community etc. I actually like to do all of the stuff most people hate doing when they start a business. But once I’ve built everything out, my creative juices start to flow again and I become distracted by my next idea and I’m ready to move on to something new.

I have built, run and sold 3 other online businesses from the ground up over the past 10 years, the last of which was grossing 6 figures when I sold it and it’s a well known brand in its niche community. Since I have some pretty good experience building and running branded businesses I figured I could put my experience and creative juices to use and help get new entrepreneurs off to a good start. Am I a guru? NO. But I’ve successfully done this a few times now and I have some experience with what works and what a business needs to start off on the right foot. I’ve built all of it into this business and set it up so you can succeed. I’ve begun the sales momentum which is oftentimes the most difficult and frustrating part for new business owners. Now it needs your long term vision.

I know you’re going to have questions along the way and need support. Figuring things out on your own is time consuming, frustrating and huge waste of your precious time. That’s why I will provide lifetime support to the new owner. Whether it’s a week after you buy the business or a year, if you EVER have questions related to the business, need guidance on how to do something to your store, or just want to bounce an idea around with me I’d be happy to help. I may not have ALL of the answers, but I’ll certainly give you honest constructive feedback and assist in any way I can to help you find the answers you need.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about the business or if you are interested in purchasing the business. Please note that the lifetime revenue is not displaying correctly. For some reason it is not showing the revenue from the subscription boxes. I have uploaded a screen shot for your reference.


Total revenue for last 3 months

$323.00 USD


Total traffic for last 3 months

1,329 Sessions

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