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Offer Breakdown:

A fully loaded, completely functional store with 2 custom coded themes based on best conversion practices.

===> Setting up a store from scratch is a pain in the a** and if you’re new to ecommerce you could easily spend a month trying out and wasting time and money testing unnecessary apps.

We did that work for you and we’ve researched and found the exact set of apps you need to maximize sales and streamline the entire operations and fulfillment process. We’ll show you the best apps for adding scarcity timers, upsells, cross sells, funnel builders, emails, chat as recommended by us and industry experts.

===> Pre-populated with a cohesive line of products, images, descriptions so you don’t need to populate the store from scratch which takes a ton of time. You can start driving traffic immediately to the store and start making sales. If you wanted to rebrand and remove products you’d prefer not to keep, you could remove them in seconds. SO much easier than adding products.

===> Two paid themes already uploaded to the store custom designed based off best conversion practices - including tabbed product descriptions, dynamic coupon on checkout, testimonials on checkout page, mobile banners, etc. The second theme is not available to the public and we were only able to get access to it via a paid private mastermind (total cost of both themes - $577)

Access to a MATURE Facebook ad account and pixel + pre-populated custom audiences and lookalike audiences

===> You’ll get a seasoned FB account with over $100,000 ad spend on it - Facebook favors and trusts older ad accounts and you’ll be able to take advantage of this to get cheaper clicks and impressions and winning more auctions than you would with a new account

===> You’ll get A MATURE Facebook pixel with just under half million sales data on it - Facebook’s entire conversion algorithm works off the data from your pixel. With more data, you’ll be able to get more conversions faster and easier than with a new pixel. You’ll get to leverage over $470,000 dollars in purchase data to get more sales faster.

Acquire a 18,836 subscriber email list (with 12,986 buyers), fanpage with existing content (23,309 fans), and Instagram account (1412 followers)

===> We’ve processed thousands through this email list but to be completely honest we did the BARE minimum because of pure laziness and lack of attention. You have the opportunity to really maximize this email list

===> You’ll get a facebook fan page with 23,309 fans. The custom audience we created off fanpage engagers has proven to convert sales on cold traffic

===> You’ll get an instagram page with 1412 followers

Our Secret Sauce: A Complete Training Library Of Step By Step Checklists, SOP’s, Processes and Procedures for managing every part of running a dropshipping ecommerce store

We’re not just going to give you the keys to the store, say a few words and leave. We’re going make sure you have a pre-built set of systems and processes for running the entire store and making you an expert ecommerce entrepreneur.

In other words, we’re going to give you access to an EPIC collection of trainings, resources, systems, and processes that we’ve invested over $10,000 to learn from top experts and over a year of trial and error to develop.

You’ll get the exact documented processes for running every part of the company

===> How to finding hot selling products - you’ll learn some unique out of the box tactics we’ve found that we haven’t seen shared anywhere else

===> How to systematize and outsource your product research process - we’ll teach you how to structure your product research process so all you are doing is vetting the products your team finds and not doing the busy work

===> How to advertise on Facebook - you’ll learn how to set up your campaigns, test, and scale successful ad campaigns

===> How to write effective ad copy and product description copy - how to write ads, product descriptions, emails etc.

===> How to handle customer service - here’s another thing NOBODY really teaches how to handle efficiently in this space. Once you start getting sales you will start getting flooded with customer service emails, especially if you are dropshipping from china with long wait times.

We’ll show you how to systematically handle all incoming messages in a organized, systematic fashion so things dont slip through the cracks and you aren’t spending hours answering messages yourself

===> Financial docs, profit and loss excels - We’ll give you pre-formulated templates, excel docs, and checklists for handling your financials, your profit and loss, your daily profit tracker, and so on.

===> How to organize your business - One of the biggest headaches that NOBODY teaches in this space is how to organize and systematize the different elements of this business so things aren’t chaotic

===> How to hire a team overseas for cheap - plus specific job description templates you can copy and paste onto the job boards

===> And everything in between - we’ll even teach you some things we learned but didn’t implement in this store (again because of the lack of effort and attention we gave this store toward the second half of the year)

Why Are We Selling The Store?

This store started as a simple experiment for us and never really became more than a side project for us.

When we got started, we already had an existing e-commerce business that we were running full-time but we heard people talking about the dropshipping shopify opportunity and we thought we’d give it a try. We invested some money to learn from the top experts in the space and started testing some products.

After testing a bunch of duds, we found our first winning product and started growing. We continue testing and finding other winners and eventually grew it to the peak of over 6 figures a month.

Just around that time, we successfully sold our primary business and came into some money, so to put it bluntly we just got lazy with the store and lost motivation to continue aggressively launching new campaigns.

So eventually our winners started saturating out and the sales gradually declined. We were considering selling the store earlier on but we deliberated over it due to travel plans and other personal matters.

We also had the thought that maybe we should just organize and systematize everything and just hire some media buyers to run the entire thing.

Ultimately, we decided it wasn’t worth the opportunity cost of other ventures we had on the table and we weren’t 100% ready to commit the necessary resources to bring on media buyers and project managers to completely step away from daily operations.

So that’s why we’re selling it now.

Why $20K

We’re selling this ‘store’ for 20K because from our perspective, we’re not just selling the ‘store’ here. We’re selling a complete ecommerce system.

The store itself is just the engine, but what is really going to make this business work is the backend systems and processes that we’ve developed and spent 10K+ to learn.

If you wanted to learn everything from scratch and build everything from zero, it’d take you at least a couple months to get traction.

If you wanted to learn facebook ads from scratch, finding products, systematizing and testing, figuring the fulfillment processes, hiring VA’s, streamlining customer service, etc etc etc, it will literally take half a year or more to figure it out if you are starting from scratch.

Here’s the big secret. The name of the aliexpress dropshipping game is all about testing products.

In other words, he who can test products the QUICKEST and get the product to market the FASTEST is the one that wins. Those aren’t our words. Steve Tam said that at the most recent Facebook Mastery LIVE event in Asia. Him and his brother have done 7 figures in sales per month on their shopify dropshipping stores so they know what they are doing and they speak the truth.

The KEY to building a sustainable business and generating consistent results selling general products is to have the system in place to test products quickly and consistently.

That’s EXACTLY what you’ll get along with this store. You’ll get the fully operational store ready to go AND the key backend systems for successfully competing in the market.

There are courses and masterminds that will teach you how to dropship online. Courses range from 297 to $1997 and all the way to $6K and above. We know because we’ve seen them and invested in some of them to learn the process. But NONE of these courses actually touched upon how to actually SYSTEMATIZE the backend processes so you get step away from the day to day operations.

We took everything we learned from these courses and from our experience this last year and actually documented out the processes into excel spreadsheets, product data-bases, and checklists so anyone can start running it in a week or so.

It gets better.

By learning what you learn and getting the systems we give you, you can literally duplicate the same systems amongst your other stores if you have them. If you don’t, you can build out new stores 10X quicker and have them fully operational in DAYS --- not weeks or even months.

Now if you're really entrepreneurial you can take these systems and charge OTHER stores to implement it for them like we’re doing for some of our clients. Dropshipping is a major opportunity right now and there is big demand for expert services like this.

You’ll become the expert after going through and implementing the systems we give you. That’s why it’s 20K.

Some Potential Directions You Can Take This Store

There are a couple ways you can take the store

===> Continue doing dropshipping - in which case you are set and you’ll have an unfair advantage over everyone else that’s starting out. Remember, winning the aliexpress dropshipping game is about testing more products and getting the right product to market first. You’ll have the systems to find more products and test more products faster.

===> Turn the store into Print on Demand (POD) store - Our store has a great name and great brand potential, if you want you could take the store and build out a POD brand for it selling t-shirts, leggings, or apparel.

We sold a wide range of products, but our audience is actually pretty specific - targeting primarily men, outdoors type, 2nd amendment, guns, etc. Think [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] etc.

Rangerup gets 100K hits a month in traffic. Nine line gets ~355K hits a month. Gruntstyle gets 1 million. And there are other similar brands targeting this same demographic too so you know there is huge demand for POD products in this space.

There is no reason OR cant be transitioned into this If you wanted to go this route. We’d be able to provide you access to the necessary Print on Demand training too.

===> Transition into a general outdoors store and start selling more expensive products drop-shipped locally in the US - camping gear, clothes, etc. It would easily fit the brand and have the potential for higher margins. We already have existing list of men interested in outdoors gear too.

===> Turn the store into a Tactical Watch Store - Our biggest sellers on the store were watches. And not just any watches, specifically tough watches, rugged watches for men. Think g-shock. You could rebrand and double down on selling more watches.

There are dozens upon dozens of watches that you could dropship from china or even customize and put your brand on it. And there’s new watches coming out constantly. We’ve also built a connection with a super seller in china who has direct connections to the factories and watch industry.

We can make the intro and this supplier can potentially help you get exclusive products if need be. For example, one of the factories discontinued a specific model of watches but this supplier was able to secure a exclusive supply of the old watch design just for us.

Promoting the watches and getting immediate sales would be simple. Just launch them to our lookalike audiences which have proven to convert for multiple types of watches. Will all of them convert? No, but we’ve seen over a dozen watches convert on the lookalikes with MINIMAL marketing.

In other words, we put minimal effort into the product pages, ads and they still converted. Again, we were lazy with the marketing, but you don’t have to be. If you invested just a little more time into the pictures, copy and related marketing, there is a high likelihood that the watches will convert even better.

===> MVMT for Tactical and Rugged Watches - Alternatively if you wanted to build out a long term brand with your own brand watches sourced locally or shipped out locally you could totally do that too.

MVMT, a massive watch brand, started out in a similar way. You could go the MVMT route but for tough men’s watches or even expand into men’s watches in general.

===> Lastly you could combine various ideas from this list. You could turn the store into a niche store catering ‘tough men’ (since our audience is already that). Under this brand you could sell more watches, mens apparel, POD apparel, and other gear that ‘tough men’ would resonate with

The point is, there are many potential directions you can take this store ranging from straightforward dropshipping to building out a lasting brand or something in between. It’s completely up to you but regardless of the direction you choose to go, you’ll have a super robust launchpad to kickstart your own brand.

So to recap what you’re getting

===> A completely loaded, fully functional store right out of the gate. You can start launching campaigns, driving traffic, and testing new products immediately. ===> 2 Custom Coded themes based off best conversion practices ===> Seasoned fb account with all the related assets ===> MATURE fb pixel with over 100K in spend on it ===> Email list with 18,836 subscribers (12,986 buyers) ===> Fanpage with 23,309 fans ===> Instagram account 1412 followers ===> Secret Sauce: A Complete Training Library Of Step By Step Checklists, SOP’s, Processes and Procedures for managing every part of running a dropshipping ecommerce store

Shopify Exchange's Suggested Sell Price: $78,000 Our Selling Price: $20,000

Let us know if you’re interested

P.S The No B.S Fine Print

Here’s our no b.s thoughts about this store.

You WILL need to put in work to get this store up and running. Results are NOT guaranteed as they are not with ANY business.

So if you’re looking to buy a store that will generate sales without doing any work then this is frankly not for you.

But if you’re an entrepreneur who is willing to put in a RELATIVELY little amount of work up front to learn a set of existing systems and hire out a team, then you could really build this into something great.

If this sounds like you, send us a private message and lets talk. Happy to answer any specific questions and see how we can help you take this promising store and turn it into something great.

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  • Personal support after sale
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One fulltime VA handled all fulfillment and customer service. (Located in the Philippines)

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