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This store is built to sell a really well-branded soundproof foam door strip for apartment dwellers that have noisy neighbor / noisy hallway problems!

Suppliers are aligned and ready to sell us foam door stripping at wholesale rates, giving this business 45-65% gross margins. They are a US-based supplier. We buy it, cut it into smaller strips, package and sell it using facebook, twitter, and instagram marketing.

This store comes with a PERFECT pro-forma (financial model) that I've created to predict everything from social sales, long-tail retargeting sales, and an ad spend calculator with returns based on Facebook advertising rates, click through rates, and purchase rates.

I built this model to pursue a highly-automated small business opportunity. I'm very confident that its a great, profitable business, but I've been offered a larger-scale opportunity that I'm jumping into. So, my due diligence and time constraints are yours for the taking.

I'd be thrilled to help you acquire this store and help troubleshoot as you get going at no additional cost to you. I'd really like to see this become profitable for you.

You'll know EXACTLY the # of employees you need to hire (if any desired) based on their productivity level and each month's sales. All of these are adjustable factors and this comes in the form of a SIMPLE to understand excel spreadsheet. It'll tell you exactly how much you'll take home including taxes each month, calculate employment taxes for any employees, and it will give you very exacting metrics for your business, like profitability per unit sold, gross and net margins, return on ad spend (per dollar and by percentage), and other metrics you'll find interesting.

Essentially, I want you to be bullet-proof and to know where your business is going like you've got a crystal ball.

All that's necessary to get moving is; - an initial order of foam (a few hundred dollars) - a couple of Facebook ads to be pushed live - handoff of the already created Facebook ad account - a bit of training & question/answer on the business model to understand who your supplier is (you'll get direct links to buy the amount of product you'll need each month) and any other questions you may have to feel confident going into the coming months.

Why should someone buy this store?

You should buy this store if you're looking to work from home, possibly employ just a couple folks that can pick/pack (fulfill orders as they come in) or want to do that yourself to start. You should buy this store because a seasoned entrepreneur has vetted the financial model VERY thoroughly and simply had to jump on another opportunity. I'm super excited about this space and I'm willing and able to help someone else get it off the ground. Other businesses I've formed from scratch have gone on to produce 1-2M in revenue, raise venture capital, and I've been fortunate to sell my stake in some cases. That experience, love for growing a business, and that level of knowledge has gone into this model.

How can the future owner improve the business?

You can improve the business by increasing sales and buying your product at better and better pricing from vendors. You can also closely monitor and optimize your Facebook ads for performance.

What work have you put into the store?

I have put in over 100 hours of financial engineering, market research, customer interviews (folks that live in apartments), custom logo design and shopify theme purchase and modification including a custom animated gif to illustrate the door strip, not to mention a premium domain–PeacefulApartment.com

$6,499 USD

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