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Perfect Anthem


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General description

Perfect Anthem is an up-an-coming brand that revolves around the tropical/travel/nature niche. Its general unique name and elegant website layout allows for not only an expansion and solidification of the brand, but also allows for the experimentation of new trendy products that may not exactly have a direct relation to the overall niche. The products are dropshipped and are promoted to targeted audiences on Instagram.

*** Total revenue is misleading. We've done the bulk of our sales - 1.4k - in only one month just from Instagram alone. The first month was a transition/website preparation period and that is why little revenue was generated. ***

This fully functional, semi-automatic dropshipping store is ready to start making sales, the products have been tested, the audience has been built, all you need to do is run ads and watch the money roll in.

Are you ready to build a brand and make more than your current job?!

Financials and traffic

The profit margin and profit could have easily been greater, but our sole purpose in running ads was to build Facebook pixel data that can be used in the future. We were able to generate this profit through strategical pricing, but the data was our top priority. Once transitioned into Facebook in the future, exclusive offers can be made in which profit can up to double. The pixel data that we have accumulated is extremely valuable for future scaling, and that's what we've set as our number one priority when running ads.

Average profit/month

$550 USD

Average overall profit margin


Average number of sales/month


Total revenue for last 4 months

$2,209.00 USD

Total traffic for last 4 months

4,948 Sessions

Revenue includes sales until the end of last month and is calculated from Exchange’s eligible payment providers. Total traffic comes from all data available to Shopify.

Business Expenses

At the moment, all our revenue was generated solely through Instagram influencers. We work with pages that have 100k-300k followers and promoted our products to their targeted audience. This is where the bulk of our expenses goes to as we, at the moment, are solely focused on Instagram and building up brand recognition and data. Once we transition into larger instagram pages to scale with winning products, the expenses for advertising will obviously increase.... but so will revenue and profit. We've also picked out the most effective apps and the majority of them are all free, so we have very little to no subscription costs at the moment.

Expense item


Shopify plan


Subscriptions (ie. Mailchimp, apps)


Advertising (ie. Adwords, Facebook ads, etc.)




Sales and marketing

Marketing strategies

Instagram ads

Online selling methods

Online Store

What’s included in the sale

  • Physical inventory
  • Logo and branding assets
  • Social media accounts
  • Personal support after sale
  • Domain
  • Product photos

Social Media



Newsletter list

855 subscribers

Social media followers

712 people



31 products


Google Analytics




  • Easily import dropshipped products directly into your store
  • Have your orders shipped directly to your customers
  • Know that your inventory and prices are always up to date

MailChimp for Shopify


Sales Pop by Beeketing


Privy - Free email popups with exit intent


Tracking & Delivery Updates by AfterShip

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Q & A

Why should someone buy this store?

This store has tremendous potential for growth. The store is currently in the perfect niche; with a strong, engaged, and wealthy audience. At the moment all of the revenue has been accumulated through Instagram shout outs with influencers with 100k-300k followers. We have several winning products that can be easily scaled to bring in tons of revenue. Once the store starts to promote on larger more engaged pages with 500k+ followers, the ROI, revenue, and profit will surely skyrocket. Furthermore, we haven't even touched Facebook ads. Once the store transitions into Facebook Ads, we can target the specific audience that loves our products and scale it to the moon. In addition, this store has proven winning products that can start making you money as soon as you run ads.

How can the future owner improve the business?

The future owner can definitely improve on advertisement frequency and Facebook ads. At the moment our business Instagram account has a network of influencers that we've found that work greatly. The future owner can definitely capitalize on promoting on these pages very frequently and testing new products. In addition, and the most important aspect that can be improved upon, is Facebook Ads. We have built a Facebook pixel with tons of data from our sales that is very valuable in re-targeting and creating lookalike audiences to sell the winning products to. Once ads start rolling on Facebook, there will surely be success as the products we have are proven winning products through Instagram shoutouts. And finally, email marketing is something that can definitely be improved, as we haven't experimented with email marketing yet at all,.

What work have you put into the store?

I spent a whole week building the actual site and making sure it is not only appealing for the customer, but has a professional atmosphere with professional, high-quality products. We played around with colors and placements to create a perfect layout for the customer because a lot of what goes into purchasing is psychological. In addition, I spend 1-2 hours a day perfecting the site, adjusting apps, making sure everything is working, and fulfilling orders. I spend another 1-2 hours a day reaching out to influencers, building the instagram page/brand, and arranging Instagram shoutouts. And finally, I spend around 4 hours a week total on product research, searching for new hot and trendy products that I can import and sell on the site.

$3,150 USD

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