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3000 Customers - 2577 ORIGINAL Designs - $100k in 4 Months - Your Own Sneaker Brand - 53 Million 'Pet Lovers' Targeted Audience.

3000+ Customers - AOV of $70 - 2342 Sneaker Designs - #1 Choice For Pet Lovers.

(AOV = Average Order Value). Emerging Player in one of the Toughest niche i.e Shoes Industry. Organically growing business, dominating google rankings for many competitive keywords.

Before you read further, as per facebook current market size of 'dog lovers' is 35 million and 'cat lovers' is 27 million (check attachment), and this is where we sell our item, alone, with no competition on similar products.

Why this business is valued at US$69,000?

Value of any business depends on the multiplication of revenue it has generated. Shoetup have generated way over $103,000 in revenue and could easily be pitched for atleast 3 times of this amount however as this would be a new business for an owner and fairly a learning curve, we have kept the price which simply values our efforts and asset of business.

There's no other website which is a competitor to shoetup and we own the largest collection of pet print sneakers (more then Amazon and eBay) on internet. Our every product is sent to customer with complete branding. As a new owner, you'll have a real business to manage and grow, not 'just' a website with products that 1000s other are selling. This is a real e-commerce business, created as brand.

You need to see this selling offer with specific mentality:

As a potential bidder you need to understand that this is a real ecommerce business. Me and my team have build it like a brand, every sneaker/heel/slip ons etc have our logo just like how Nike, Adidas etc do on each of there shoes.

This is NOT a hands free business (unless you are happy with mere $5k-$6k a month, which actually is insult to the whole concept). It needed to be developed like a real business. For example, we already have plans till January, as my team is already creating Dog print halloween themed shoes, keeping October 21 in mind, same way my content team is working on offers to be presented for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We have plan to launch Christmas theme sneakers and beddings, and graphic designers are already working on it.

Why should you purchase this website?

You are buying on a brand name that is selling in one of the toughest niche i.e shoes. Shoes business is currently dominated by top companies like Nike, Adidas, Reebok etc however with over 3000 customers in 6 months of business, this project is definitely an emerging competitor for same. Our customer have chosen our products over top companies and our sneakers are not cheap, rather reasonably priced.

With over 2000, 100% unique designs to chose from we have sneakers on every possible dog breed, cat breed, hamsters, snakes, fish breeds, farm animals etc. It's a huge store build by 25 professional graphic designers, working from past 8 months, 6 days a week, 9 hours a day, with our company. The cost of 2000 designs alone justifies the price of this listing.

Store offers 2000 designs to chose from sneakers, high tops, low tops, kids, backpacks, heels, slip ons, flip flops etc. It literally have something for every one.

This brand have potential to grow offline also, i.e as a retail store in malls and market. It needs a visionary owner as you would have a huge potential right in front of you.

With upcoming festivals like Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas, this is the perfect time to own it and enjoy maximum sales from all events.

What is included in the sale?

Sales Includes: 1) Domain Name 2) All Graphical Assets 3) All Content 4) Facebook Ads Campaigns (Niche, Keyword, Targeting and Budget) 5) Email List (3000 people) 6) Contact with manufacturer (100% automated) 7) One month of staff support (3 employees) 8) 6 months of sales support (Easy sales through facebook ads) 9) Facebook Pages of 5000 Active dog lovers and 9000 cat lovers.

What is required to keep the business operational?

If you are happy with average $5000 revenue a month, you don't need anything (just a weekly marketing email to existing list) however it is suggested to bid only if you have additional capital for advertising. This is an easy to advertise business and through facebook advertisement, you can expect it to bring 35% profit every day, irrespective of amount your invest. So, if you can spend $10,000 a day, its expected return would be $13,500 that day. Business is 100% automated as on every sale, it charges your credit card for manufacturing cost and automatically create-deliver item worldwide. If you want to manually pay to supplier, that is also possible.

Why are you selling the business?

I wouldn't be selling this business if i would have money to invest in advertising. This project was started as hobby however the response was so amazing that once we started doing some basic ads, all our posts went viral. It tooks us few months to realise that we are slowly becoming a player in one of the toughest niche in the world i.e Shoes. We were easily selling sneakers, hight top, low top, boots etc to pet lovers while charging them almost equalt to what Nike and reebok charge, our customer happily pay for there item and we have 48% repeat sale ratio. (means one in every 2 customer placed minimum 2 orders)

Initallly, i tried to look for a partner who can invest on 50% profit basis however due to no contact with right kind of investor, i wasn't able to get any investment. We are moving towards Quarter 4 of sales, which is the most lucrative quarter and this is the time to advertise this site as much as possible. We have customers from various countries of the world.

In nutshell, i am selling it becuase i cannot take it to the level it deserve based on my current finances.

How does the business generate revenue?

Business generate revenue though the sales of following items:

1) Sneakers 2) Leather Boots 3) High top shoes 4) Low top shoes 5) Backpacks 6) Tote bags 7) Slip Ons 8) Flip Flops 9) Beddings

Please note, all of the design of above items are 100% unique and only available to our store. Our brand is unique and that's why highly competitive.

Are there any expenses for the business? If so, what are they?

Expenses are: 1) Shopify Monthly fees (almost $400) 2) Payment to supplier for print and delivery. 3) Facebook ads (Optional but highly recommended) 4) Staff (we have 2 graphic designers however site already have 2000+ unique designs, so you don't need them anymore)

What marketing initiatives have been used for this business?

Facebook ads and email marketing (we email to our list every week with flash sales and new products update)

How can the future owner improve the business?

That's what you need to do. Business is ready, customers already love the products, you just need to connect them through facebook advertisement. I'll personally setup your facebook ads (without additional charges) if you want and rest all you need to do is duplicate them for new products and kill the ones which gives less profits overtime. I can personally take care of your facebook ads if paid on percent basis.

[IMPORTANT] Why Revenue Decreased from March to August?

We started promoting it using facebook ads with very limited funds and due to immense response in March, we invested last money in April (Ads + Manufacturing too all our available capital). So after May, all sales are organic as there were no more finances to invest in advertisement. Great thing is, organic sales are consistent proving the loyalty of our customers.

Final Words: Our shoes design are 100% unique and over 2000 in number. We cover almost all dog breeds, cat breeds, hamsters, snakes, fishes etc. Only bid if you can further advertise it, and you are on the way to easy 6 figures revenue a month (not just a random figure, i could show you exactly how). Its a 35% per day profit machine and this is a sales season (Q4+Christmas), so you need to come up with advertising money and be amazed with the returns.

Payment Modes: Domain name would only be transferred after we receive full payment, No exception to this. We only accept escrow and bank transfer.


Total revenue for last 6 months

$103,474.00 USD


Total traffic for last 6 months

110,943 Sessions

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