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The CD Exchange

My online store is The CD Exchange, the address is For the last 20+ years, I've bought and sold high-quality used CDs and DVDs both online and in my retail store (which was open from 1998-2008 in NY). I moved it to the Shopify platform just over a year ago and I love it. Wish I had done that sooner.

I started this online business way back in 1996, when the internet was new - the days of AOL, floppy disks, and dial-up modems. It was one of the very first used CD retailers online, and I'm very proud of that. But times change, interests change, and it's finally time to move on to bigger and better things.

I'm looking to sell my inventory, domain, the Shopify website/theme, and all my customers. The domain is especially valuable because it is so old (I registered it well over 20 years ago), and google takes age into heavy consideration in its rankings - so it almost always gets front page search results for searches like "used cds" and "used dvds", meaning I get tons of website visitors without paying anything for them. Perhaps you are already selling CDs or DVDs on Amazon & Ebay, but the margins are so much higher when you don't have to pay 15% or whatever commission, and when you're not directly competing with a thousand other sellers on the same site. With your own site you only pay like 2% in credit card fees and that's it. Plus most of my customers tend to order roughly 10-20 items per order, so you're making more revenue but packaging and shipping way fewer orders than when you sell items individually.

The Shopify marketplace valued my site at $18K based on traffic and historic sales (but without the inventory). Before I closed I sold off much of my stock, but the existing inventory is roughly 2000 pieces (maybe 1500 CDs and 500 DVDs), with a total current selling price of roughly $6K on my site. ​ My discs are ​all ​in very good to like-new condition, I was always very picky about that.​ I can send you an inventory excel file via email if you're interested, for now you can see ​all of my inventory listed ​on the site at which is still live even though I'm closed.​ I'd love to make one package deal for the domain, the website, all my inventory and all my customers (I have a csv file of every customer who has ever ordered from me along with their email addresses)​.

Aside from the decade that I had my retail brick-and-mortar storefront, I have operated this busy online-only and I've made a modest but comfortable living off of it. You too could easily run this business out of your home and earn enough to live on. And listen to music all day :-) I started back to school a few years ago and now I start graduate school this fall, and I can't do grad school while also running the business so I'm reluctantly letting it go. My revenue for the last couple years is much lower (only about $20K/yr) than the years prior, but that's because I stopped buying new product when I started back to school in 2014. The revenue will obviously go up again when you resurrect the New Arrivals section and start getting new titles in every week to offer your customers. The New Arrivals section was always the busiest part of my site, but it hasn't been up for a few years now because I was in school and too busy - but even without it I was making $20K+/yr just selling off old titles. I'd love for somebody to buy this business and get it booming again. There is still a surprisingly high demand for physical media - lots of people still prefer tangible goods over digital. Plus, there is huge supply available for you to purchase because so many other people prefer to move their music onto the cloud and feel like they no want hard copies. There are lots of both types of people, and you can make a nice living acting as a conduit between them.

I can be reached via email at Make me an offer!​

​Bill Boehm Owner, The CD Exchange


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