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This is a hand crafted jewelry website that is designed to offer a bohemian chic look, and in addition a higher end line. I originally opened my store because I am very passionate about design, however my life has become very busy and I no longer have the time to create the potential this store can have. I have nearly sold out my inventory due to emails letting my customers know that I no longer have the time to create jewelry with my busy life. The items I do have available, can be shipped to you. In addition, I can offer my wholesale providers and any tips to be able to help you re create the jewelry I have created. I use only high end and top quality products. I have wholesalers from all over the world, and do not buy any stone that may be plastic or cheap quality. All the stones, pearls, and agate featured are the highest quality pieces available. I am willing to negotiate the price that has been suggested by Shopify. My traffic avenues have been strictly Facebook, Instagram, and advocating from an email list. I have had very little time to advertise in addition to very little experience. The small amount of work I was able to do yielded great results considering I had no time to advocate for my company. In addition, as I mentioned I had zero expenses towards advertising as I was very new and didn't know what to do in order to drive traffic. I will add my costs are the price of my jewelry times 3 and added a small amount for my work. That way each piece sold pays for itself, another one, and profit for the time and effort of each piece. You may keep my email lists, customers, and I can give you administration to my instagram which has 6,852 followers, and my Facebook page which is currently offline with over 1,000 followers due to only being about two months old. In addition, I have tons of leftover inventory, many pre-made bracelets that have not been featured yet, beads, rosary chain, druzy connectors, agate, jump rings of every color and sizes, soldering tools, leather cords of all kinds, sizes, and colors. I also have pearls, crystals, crosses, buddhas, hamsa, ohms, and many more pieces that range from 1 inch to 4 inches. I have elastic cord for the bracelets in multiple sizes and colors, hundreds of charms for bracelets, bail beads, any tool you would need to create jewelry. I have horns, claps, lobster clasps, tassels, antique Buddha pendants, pave pieces, and many spiritual and gothic looking metal pieces, the list goes on and on. Please inquire at tok3n.collection@gmail.com for any questions you may have. Please do not be afraid to make me an offer as all will be considered and this may just be the "token" to your financial future, or at the very least a hobby that yields a financial plus. Any experience in advertising is more than I have, I have none. This shop was my baby, but now with a baby along the way and a full time job my entire life is going to change very quickly. Before I close my shop, I wanted to offer it to someone who is as passionate about design as I am. I was just about to begin to add art canvases, candles, incense, large decorative crystals, agate coasters, apperal, hats, belts, and embellished shoes. Which is an idea you can add and I believe will greatly improve the traffic. I urge you to visit my site because 5 pictures could never sum up the beauty and time that went into my jewelry and site. I would also like to add my main customer base is women between the ages from 30-50. A lot of young women visit my site (teenagers) but I believe can't afford the pieces. Which is why i have a very small section for for lower price options. However, I believe in the better quality regardless if that loses a younger audience. Everything is stainless steal, or gold plated stainless steal so it will not turn your green like cheaper Jewelry will. I will show you my exact method, explain the cost of pieces I look for, and hook you up directly with my wholesalers who are always able to give good prices for bulk, as well as cross advertising. I've also sold in local shops here in LA, Venice, Hair Salons, and Nail salons with much succusss. Trunk shows have yielded thousands of dollars as well, the avenues are endless.

I would like to add the information below which is on the home page of my store. Thank you.

  • Your traffic is in the top 20% of stores that launched the same week as you. Every visitor is a potential customer—great work! - these are the words from the shopify team and not my own.

I have done $1,090.00 worth of sales this month from 07/01 - 07/07 with zero advertising. The month of June I gave my customers the option to pay pal or Venmo so there would be no tax and shipping and I made approximately 9,867.28. That was also with out the use of Facebook or my instagram. My customers are repeat shoppers and tend to buy large orders at a time. It can easily become your hobby, fiancial source, and passion which could create and extra revenue for all you young designers.

My store was evaluated by Shopify at: 5,810.00. For the full price evaluated I will offer a service to personally recreate items that are sold out to help you get on your feet with this jewelry business. For a negotiated price the description above is what will come with that package. Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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