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General description

Viva Vape is a website dedicated to selling vaping products to the general public with free shipping. This is predominantly a dropship business, so little to no inventory is ever needed and fulfilling orders takes a couple of clicks and it’s done. The only inventory that is kept is VIVA brand products in the form of disposable e-cigarettes and e-liquid, however this product line could be expanded at any time. Having a house brand allows for a much higher profit margin on those products because of bulk pricing whereas drop-shipped items will have a lower margin but without the need for a bulk commitment and on top open the opportunity to sell the products brand in retails store has have been in the past years,all these provide a melange of sales options plus the trend of traditional tobacco smokers turning to vaping in an effort to kick the habit, give this sales sector considerable staying power.

About the VIVA brand

The VIVA brand that is included with the sale of the website was not just slapped together on the back of a napkin, but came about as a result of a long process of hard work and trial and error. The logo and packaging was designed by a team of graphic artists and refined to its current form over several iterations, the e-shishas were sourced by testing sample products from dozens of manufacturers, eventually finding one that met all the desired criteria for price, style, quality, flavor, and ease of working with them, the flavors chosen for the 5-pack cases and singles were whittled down from about a hundred flavors using focus groups to determine the most popular flavors, There is also a companion line of e-liquids provided by a reliable manufacturer. As of this moment, the VIVA brand inventory includes e-shishas and e-liquids, but could easily be ramped up to offer a much wider array of products, and to anyone with a modicum of marketing ability, VIVA could serve as the launching ground for a dominant brand

Why is having VIVA brand products and asset?

Having a house brand helps to increase exposure of the website and also allows for much higher profit margins. Having a brand gives you the freedom to add products at a price that will attract customers while providing a very healthy profit and an attractive option as well as the ability to sell those products on other websites too. The brand can be expanded to include many different products and gives you ultimate control of your inventory. The existing inventory can be sold or used as promotional material to attract customers to the website and inflate the profile of the brand. In short, a brand gives you creative freedom and much higher profits.

Are you the original owner of the website?


Which platform do you use?


What is included in the sale?

With the purchase you will get the domain and ownership of the VIVA e-Shisha brand (VivaEshisha.com) which right now is directed to the dropshipping store VivaVapesShop.com but can be an independent from each other so you can have stores!. Viva Vapes drop ship products from different suppliers using oberlo. VIVA brand name including professional logo, an inventory of approximately 1000+ individual VIVA brand e-shishas ($7-$10 retail each), approximately 100 VIVA brand e-shisha luxy cases that each contain 5 e-shishas of various flavors ($30 retail per pack), and all contacts involved in the design and manufacture of all VIVA brand products.

Which accounts will you be including?

Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+,Reddit. Are there any shipping costs?

The only shipping costs are associated with the VIVA brand products, and are very low because of the light weight of the items. The dramatically increased profit margin on self-branded products more than make up for the cost to ship, allowing you to continue to offer free shipping on all items. Because this is primarily a dropship website, all other shipping costs are borne by the suppliers.

Does the operator need any special skills to run the website?

Not really, just a rudimentary computer knowledge (answering occasional emails, ordering and posting products), and basic social skills

What is your primary sales market?

I sell only into the United States and Canada, a potential market of 360 million people, with a very mature and well funded economy. The VIVA eshisha can be no olny sale online but also in retails places like: convenience stores, gas stations,vape stores and other places.

What is your average profit margin?

The site has been set up at a respectable 50% margin on dropship items, but it could easily be raised to maximize profits. The profit margin on the VIVA brand products is approximately 300%

website very quickly. All VIVA brand products are posted through the Shopify portal.

Why is this website a winner in the making?

Vaping as an industry has yet to fully mature giving it plenty of room for growth, and you have the entirety of AliExpress as your supplier with all the products posted on the website having free shipping, tracking and great delivery times.The overall light weight of the products make this possible, and the shipping costs for VIVA brand products is very low for the same reason. A 50% profit margin on dropship products that do not have to be purchased in bulk, stored, and shipped is very attractive and the approximately 300% margin on VIVA brand products makes carrying them worth the investment.

Are you willing to sign a 3-year non-compete contract in the industry that the website operates in?

Yes, I am.

The buyer will be responsible for covering shipping costs of the inventory that should be around $300-$500 depending of your location

What’s included in the sale

  • Physical inventory
  • Logo and branding assets
  • Social media accounts
  • Personal support after sale
  • Domain
  • Product photos



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$1,599 USD

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